Monday, December 15, 2014

The Stockings Were Hung

Time to break out the Christmas music!

I might get used to this two-hour decorating scheme instead of the two weeks I can spend in Alaska. Of course that also includes doing the outside of the need for outside decorations when living in an apartment.

And it is soooo dark in decorations stay up past New Year's. I miss it!!!

I had my final French visa renewal appointment for the year. Today's appointment was remarkably quick...but only because I was accompanied by a French speaking assistant, who is an American...and who didn't take "No" for an answer. 

Tomorrow I will be cleaning the apartment for my son's arrival. 

There is a taxi strike going on throughout Paris right now which will impact picking up our son from his flight coming into Charles Degaulle Airport. The taxis block highway lanes...all but one....which grinds traffic to a crawl. I will have to meet him at the airport and navigate the train system and metro system with his big suitcase. A major pain since lots of stairways are involved...very few...if any elevators. Sometimes there are escalators but only going up...and very few of those! It irritates me so much. Not what I want my son to have to navigate after traveling for almost 24 hours.

Time to get back into the holiday spirit.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Little Finishes

Wilderness Santa...just waiting for his beard and mustache. One more pattern to make to complete the Northwoods Santa set. 


The last ornament for the Bucilla kit, Cupcake Angel. She was a lot of work!

I'm just planning to work on Bucilla ornaments and cross stitch Santas for the next few weeks. One of my sons will be arriving on Wednesday so it's not the time to start a quilting project. Though I suppose I could pull out a UFO to work on now and then. 

I spent hours on the internet today looking for some inspiration for a project. Came across this...

That would be me!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Yippee...Flimsy Finish

I need a tropical setting with bright sunshine to really show this flimsy at its best...a rainy day in Paris just doesn't do it justice. The colors are totally out of wack in these photos. But it is officially in the, "to be quilted queue."

106" squared...another big quilt!!! I just can't help it. I love the corner where the flower border blocks meet. I have several pieces of floral batiks in Alaska that I would like to play around with in this design. I really think the outside flower blocks in the border might look better in a smaller size...just my initial thought looking at the completed top.

I had hubby throw a bottle of champagne in the frig yesterday...just in case we need to celebrate this finish. I certainly don't want to go outside in this rainy weather.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Already!

A little more progress on some Christmas ornaments. For some reason I'm craving cupcakes.

I had to do some Christmas shopping for ladies in my husband's office. I found a great gift shop close to our apartment...I'm going to have to treat myself after Christmas. Can't show pictures...someone might see what Santa is bringing them.

Along the way I took some more interesting ironwork photos.

 Most of the time the front door ironwork...

coordinates with the window ironwork.

Obviously this is from a building of somewhat newer construction.

And the companion ironwork for the windows. I really like this spiral center that turns into a flower...I think I have used this before in a quilting design.

Didn't tackle those borders today on my quilt but I did make the final decision on how I will proceed...the widths of all the borders. Printed up my plan on EQ7. I like to have a marathon session when I apply my stopping and starting. Maybe tomorrow. I have eight borders...on a king-sized quilt. That's what I mean by a marathon!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Making Time to Quilt

Is this how your Christmas season is shaping up? Turns out your tree is upside down?

This year's tree display in Paris' Gallerie Lafayette. This is the only photo I took from my outing with Christelle yesterday. You really don't need to see pictures from the three Starbucks we scoped out in search of this year's Christmas ornament. The good news is we were successful at the third one and bought the last ornament on the shelf. I should have gotten a photo of the ornament...a tiny to-go-Starbucks cup. I just can't start collecting another thing!

Lots of shopping which is only fun when you have someone else with you.

It has been a while since I have shared my projects...after all it is a blog primarily about my quilting.

I had these blocks put together and sewn into rows several days ago. Then I started working on part of the border. The top row is how I designed it on EQ7 but after I had sewn all the blocks together I decided I didn't like how the flower came together on the right half. The second row I used scraps on top to see the way I thought it should go. Nope...not right either. The third row is what I went with...not too painful to fix...just took all morning.

Now I'm trying to decide what the line up is between the interior blocks and the outer border blocks.

I started working on a Bucilla ornament. I didn't realize I hadn't finished the set that goes with the Cupcake Angel stocking. Love working on this "girlie," ornament.

And when even embroidery seems too stressful...time to work on a cross stitch ornament.

Monday, December 8, 2014

So Many Great Quilts!

I'm falling behind with my blogging about my visit to Christelle's house...that's because I've been busy sewing...more about that later.

Back to show and tell. 
Christelle did what every quilter should do when another quilter visits their house for the first time...brought out all her wonderful quilts to share. It really was so fun to see so many pieces of her work. She really has gotten an amazing number of quilts done...because all but one of them was hand quilted. You'll see what I mean for yourself!

These first two are Crabapple Hill Studio designs.
Snow wonderful to see this in person...I've admired the pattern on the internet.

And Calendula Patterdip's Cottage. Over the top embroidery work. It is crayon tinted. And can you see all the spiderwebs in the quilting? 

Home Sweet Home, Blackbird Designs. 

Designs from the Buggy Barn book, "Farm Fresh." 
Personalized with a French and US flag since Christelle is French and has lived in the US. One of my favorites of hers. Blue quilts always grab me.

I think this is machine pieced but it is definitely hand quilted. 

A series of patchwork quilts...

I should have taken some notes for all the quilt pattern names.

Yes...still all hand-quilted.

Hey...I know the pattern for this one! Midnight Silhouette from Blackbird Designs. A show-stopper.

Wool pumpkins.

I'm going kind of fast through these...

Look for the heart hidden in the storm at sea blocks.

Some Japanese Daiwabo fabrics. This is Christelle's largest quilt... it graces her son's bed.

I think this was a pattern from Primitive Gatherings magazine. 

Many of you will recognize this pattern, Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice. This is Christelle's first machine quilted piece. There is a learning curve so we won't be critical at all on the wobbly places...part of the charm of a homemade quilt!

And finally...a batik quilt! Joy, designed by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts. Not quilted yet. I do love this one. The red and green colors are so bright. Perfectly pieced.

There is more to share about our day together in Christelle's hometown, Rambouillet, but I will save that for another post. Tomorrow Christelle is coming to Paris and we have a little outing planned. Can't wait!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Visiting a Quilter's Home

I have a surprise...lots of show and tell! I went to Christelle's home a couple of days ago...these precious babies were the first thing I saw...these three featherweights are just a few of her vintage machines. I believe she has ten...but we got distracted so I didn't see all of them...maybe next time!

Christelle has so many beautiful mini quilts decorating her home...all of which she made completely by hand. She did a mini quilt of the month for two years through Temecula Quilt Company. Looks like she did a great job of actually finishing each month!

There is just something so cute when a quilt is mini-sized. 

Can't do this kind of decorating with biggie-sized quilts.

So much great eye candy.

Look at this needle punch piece...

And a little bolster pillow.

Lots more to share about our visit but wanted to break it up into a couple of posts.