Sunday, February 17, 2013

Paris Needlework Expo

I ventured to a Needlework Exposition today...what a treat! When I walked in it felt just like a mini Houston Quilt Show...vendor booths!!!!

The show had a very small display of quilts and there was a smattering of quilt booths but it was more than I have seen in a while. There were a lot if embroidery and cross stitch booths....each one with it's own unique designs and lots of them. I didn't see any repeats. The same with the embroidery designs. The French definitely have their own little niche. Moda's line, French General looks like it was lifted from these booths. Most venders would not allow photos so I only took a few shots. 

There were a few booths with Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Two tiny booths with batiks...and they weren't tempting. I came close to buying some cross stitch kits but in the end I bought nothing. It was all very expensive....and a little on the "cutesy" side...just not my  style...but I was tempted. Lots of beautiful embroidery work...I was so impressed at how many original patterns there were. Most of the quilt patterns for sale resembled Anne Sutton's look with some patchwork mixed with embroidery...and sometimes they used wool appliqué. There were lots of beautiful flosses, hand dyed silk ribbons and an incredible selection of linen and aida cloth in gorgeous colors. 

There were also lots of buttons to embellish the embroidery. Adorable fimo clay ones that resembled "Just Another Button Compay's," designs. I came very close to buying some of those but too expensive to just hide them in a drawer! Wooden buttons in lots of intricately cut designs. They reminded me of embellishments used by scrapbookers. I did see a lot of the wooden buttons repeated in different embroidery designs...strictly for use on items used as wall hangings...not washable.

It was a great little adventure today. Now I have to study my French. Next week will be another immersion week of 7 hours-a-day. 

I forgot...they had a zero-calerie cake at the show...

It's made out of felted wool.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

even though it all wasn't of the style you like I bet it was fun to see. I continue to be amazed at cost when I hear how expensive it all is overseas - I do wonder what type of person works in these crafts - the wealthy? or just ordinary people who have to really save their money to buy the supplies?
Must have been interesting though to walk around the crowds and mainly be hearing just the French language - are you understanding it a bit now even if you do not always know how to speak it?

Suzanne said...

What fun to see needlework thru the eyes of another culture. Thanks for sharing the photos

Sand and Sunshine said...

I can't even begin to think how long that felted wool cake must have been. Sounds like a good time to walk around and have some "look-sies".

Jan Marie said...

Karen from quilts etc sent many of us over here today and how fun to see the things you are experiencing.