Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Seems to be a Pattern

I embrace and fight two tendencies in my quilting. I tend to biggie size quilts and I often take a simple pattern and make it harder. In June I started a Miss Rosie quilt, Reveille. 

I instantly biggie sized it...but instead of making the blocks from layer cakes I used charms and just made lots more of the 6 1/4"-finished sized blocks. I arranged them in a different layout on my design board.

But as soon as I started to sew the blocks together I decided this was insanity....too much bulk to ever get the on-point blocks to match up perfectly. Time for a reality check. This is just a scrap quilt that will be given as a gift to someone...someday and hopefully used. Uncharcteristically...I simplified.

I have over half the rows pieced.

Finished the borders on Summer Breeze. I used a "Grasshopper," bali pop with a few light strips traded for others from my stash.

I've been busy ordering furniture for our Alaska house. It will be eight weeks before I get some of it so this will delay my return to Paris. I really am enjoying being in my home but once again I will be alone quite a lot with my husband only getting back to Alaska for two weeks in September. At least when I'm in Alaska I have many friends I can spend time with and two sons who regularly come over for dinner but I sure miss my husband.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the quilts are cute - I have a different book by that designer. I love her quilts.
nice to get new furniture and get the house ship shape even if it means a delay to France - with having all your friends there in Alaska even though France is nice I bet it would be hard to be there for long periods.

carol fun said...

Oh I totally identify with making an easy project more complicated and bigger - I once made a potholder that turned into a twin size quilt- LOL! The nine patches look great with this setting. Very striking. Good luck with the furniture and your trips.