Friday, September 27, 2013

This and That

I love days like this one...

I think we only got a day and a half of views like this. Maybe next September will have more.

Yesterday was Breakfast Club. We had a tiny group which was great fun...just not much for show and tell.

I didn't realize until today that I never got the name of the gal who made this quilt even though she sat right behind me and we talked all day...oops! Here is the strip quilt she made, Jelly Roll 1600.

Last month's pattern was Jelly Jive and this was the class sample I forgot to share.

A modern look.

October's project is geared toward Christmas and has two parts. This quilt is about 30" squared.

This quick runner will also be part of the class. 

November's project...which I will miss...will be this quilt.

Yesterday's pattern was Scrap Crazy.

It entails using an acrylic ruler set from Creative Grids.

I really enjoyed this project. It went so quickly. I didn't cut enough pieces to keep me busy for the entire class despite the fact that I think I spent most of my time visiting and shopping. The shop was having an incredible sale that included batiks...I enhanced my stash!

I finished these 12 blocks. I used 6" strips of six fabrics.

Stash Enhancement

My husband is home for a little while and I am without a vehicle. (One of my son's totaled his vehicle so he is driving my car.) Why does this matter? My husband drove me to Breakfast Club. After I paid for my huge purchase of new fabric it dawned on me my husband would be witness to my big bag of fabric. is very silly of me to feel guilty about this purchase. After all...I got these fabrics for about $7.00 a yard. In Paris these fabrics would cost at least $27 a meter. But it is a habit to think I should never fully disclose how much fabric I buy. So I crammed the new fabric into my class project bag and my sewing machine tote. Did he notice how much heavier they were to load into his truck? Nope! 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you know I hide fabric purchases too I don't know why DH never says anything or complains - but yet I feel a little guilty - maybe because I don't use it up quickly? I have to keep reminding myself that it is good to buy on sale because of what I will save

Donna quilts said...

I'm laughing as I read the end of your post because I too often sneak in bags of fabric and quickly put them into the closet only to pull them out when I'm alone and I can dream of projects to come....

Béa said...

You are right to buy fabrics at $7, if you could take some more for me !!! LOL

Caroline Ingalls said...

The fat quarter were at 5 euros in Saint Marie aux advise? go buy more without guilt before you come back in Paris!