Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring has Sprung

Sunday was the last day I had Zack and Lindsey here. It was a pretty day and we took a long walk to  Luxembourg Palace and Gardens. There were daffodils blooming...

and many getting close to blooming.

So many pretty flowers...
primroses, pansies and forget-me-nots.


I started a new Bucilla Christmas kit. This time it is a wall hanging. Got this much done last night...pretty good progress. I really only have a month to work on this as it looks like I will be heading back to Alaska in April and I don't want to take this with me...too much quilting to do!

I have renewed vigor to get those borders done on my my storm-at-sea quilt.  I made templates from card stock and punched holes with a big needle to mark intersecting seam points using my chalk pencil and pilot frixon marker. It worked great!

I have one border ready to add.

But first...grocery shopping, laundry and a little cleaning.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

heading back early - well that will give you more time at the new house, you went to Paris later in the fall this year didn't you? Spring looks so pretty it will be here for us later this week - well back to spring temps anyhow - how long will it last I don't know

Cocopatch said...

good work on your border!

KimT said...

lovely quilt! Paris looks grand! How are you feeling about going back to alaska?

Catherine Shepherd said...

The quilt and the flowers are gorgeous! We are still socked in under several feet of snow. The pile at the end of the driveway is over 6 feet tall, after all the shoveling of the driveway through the winter.