Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rainy Days

A little rain is always welcome. No guilt about staying inside and quilting! Yesterday I drove to Talkeetna, a 2-hour drive, to have dinner with my son on his 20th birthday. He is an instructor pilot at a flight school specializing in bush-flying, float planes and planes on skis. He is very busy and having a great time. Here's his "workplace."

On the way to Talkeetna is a fabulous quilt store in Wasilla, Sylvia's Quilt Depot. I don't make it to Sylvia's very often and that might be a good thing for my bank account because I always buy something! This time I had one item in particular I wanted but hadn't found at the Anchorage quilt shops I had visited lately. 

This book, which is all the patterns from the 2013 Alaska Shop Hop Quilt. I got their last copy.

I just had a feeling this designer would produce a book after-the-fact so I didn't participate in the shop hop last year. (It's a pain to collect all the patterns in a state where there is no possible way to drive to all the shops. Lots of time on the phone placing mail orders.) I'm so glad I was right! Here's the quilt sample from Sylvia's.

The finished size is 59" x 73".
The book lists every Hoffman batik by its product number in the book. Now if I could just find a kit with all the fabrics ready to go! Supposedly a kit will be available so maybe I will find one before the summer ends.

I also picked up a couple of pieces of fabric. (I know...I didn't need any more fabric but I can't resist when I go to Sylvia's.) I love the pale dotted fabric. It is hard to tell from the photo but the dots are colors from turquoise to navy blue. I've been looking for something like this for a couple of years. I have a plan!

Time to do a little quilting and then it's prep time for Breakfast Club tomorrow.

I almost forgot...I saw this big fellow on my way to Jazzercise yesterday morning.

I took this picture from my car window and was very uncomfortable sitting there so close...he made me very nervous. You can see all the velvet on his growing antlers.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

he is a big guy! lovely. You are lucky to have quilt shops and it looks like a great place to visit your son at - beautiful scenery

Christelle said...

Too bad I will have to be in Venice for Christine's 20 th Birthday! can't wait!!!
I'm on track for Paducah Hotels & Flghts are already booked can't wait on that one either!!!!
I like the quilt, is it applique ou embrodery?
The Santa ornement are great I have some of JimShore decorations & I love them ... so quilty :)

kellsgal said...

Love the pictures! Hope you have fun at Breakfast club and take lots of pictures. I miss everyone. Hugs

audrey said...

I bet your son is having fun! Looks like a fabulous work place.:) Good to get your pattern book--it will be a great project I'm sure!