Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Chateau Chenonceau - Part II

A view from the other side of Chateau Chenonceau.

Looking at the above photo, on the right side of the river there are two lovely, huge gardens. The blooms were just getting started with the spring weather.

One side the color scheme was purples and yellows.

You can just see a bit of the central water fountain.

On the other side the garden was not as colorful yet but had a pink color scheme. Maybe it was hard to tell in the previous photos, but these gardens are very large. Catherine Medici, an Italian noblewoman married to France's Henry II, played a large part in the design of these gardens and many others at various French chateaus. I enjoy her gardening contribution to France!

Catherine was queen of France from 1547 to 1559. I know she brought about the Jardin de Tuileries next to the Louvre and the fabulous gardens at Luxembourg Palace, both gardens in Paris that I have enjoyed visiting frequently.

We couldn't go into the adorable cottage at one end of the gardens but we thought it looked like the perfect place to live.

I don't always get someone to take a picture of me! It is important for you to be able to see the size of this flower arrangement compared to me. Keep this size in mind as you view the rest of all the bouquet photos. I guess I should warn you now...many flower arrangement photos ahead...ENJOY!

I loved every flower arrangement in this chateau. They were all made with gorgeous fresh flowers that sometimes looked too perfect to be real.

Please note the warm colors of this hallway and the tapestry that hangs on the wall. Every space of the public areas of this chateau was beautifully decorated.

One bedroom was so dramatically decorated in a dark wallpaper or painted motif. It was almost black but with this beautiful white stone fireplace...

...and a display of beautiful white orchids.

What are these flowers? They remind me of delphiniums.

And we think these stunning flowers are Amaryllis. 

A gigantic basket of Hydrangeas...

...adjacent to this room with the same pale aqua wallpaper.

And what are these flowers???

I know there are orchids in this basket but what are the bottle-brush shaped flowers with the lime green tips?

From this photo it is hard to appreciate the gigantic proportions of this cluster of orchids.

A bedroom fit for a king. Hanging on the wall behind the lilies is a tapestry...many of the bedrooms were lined with wall-to-wall tapestries. It made me feel so cozy.

And back to the first basket that I loved the most. I don't know what these are! Are they anemones? My best guess!

Where there is a chateau...there is a village that supports it....stay tuned for part III.


CecileD said...

Lovely photos Debbie, but what a pity for the bad weather.....
Thank you for sharing !

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

beautiful flowers!! the red ones do look like amaryllis but I don't remember ever seeing them in bouquet like that.

Donna quilts said...

Gorgeous flowers! Could the lavender ones (similar to delphiniums) be lavatera or another mallow flower? The bouquets are all so beautiful.