Saturday, March 19, 2016

Just Off the Quilting Frame

I've been busy on my quilting machine. My goal is to get one top quilted every month. This looks a lot like what I did last month. I had a layer cake of Tidepool from Hoffman and made it into this pattern called Paris Cafe.

I am always working on a Christmas felt kit. Finally finished this stocking that I started in Paris right before I left last April. Christmas Puppet Show.

And a stocking that needed repair, Holiday Hill. I used to line these stocking fronts with an adhesive backed felt. Very bad idea! I have 13 stockings that were affected by that bad idea and I have been working to get that bad felt removed and replaced.

And of course, I must always be starting a new kit. This is a kit that I get lots of questions about so I decided it was a good one to make. I have so many adorable kits that it is hard for me to pick one.

Not much time for computer activities. Spring cleaning has commenced along with all my quilting and embroidery projects.

An update on my quilt show entry to Paducah...didn't make it this year but I am going to keep trying. 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Sorry your quilt didn't make it to Paducah - do you have a quilt show in Alaska you could try it in? The quilt on your frame looks great. I have never done any of those socks but they do look like a lot of work!

CecileD said...

Oh Debbie, i'm so sorry for Paducah.... don't give up because you're very talented .
Hugs !

Ramona said...

Your quilt is beautiful! The quilting really fits the quilt design. Love your stockings. I am well into my next kit and hope to have another finish soon, too. Happy Stitching!