Tuesday, September 20, 2016

August Breakfast Club Show and Tell

Once again a month has zipped by...as I get ready for September's Breakfast Club, I realize I never posted photos of August's Breakfast Club. Here are all the wonderful projects everyone shared at our last gathering.

This is a Finding Dory quilt made from the pattern, "Sidelights."

I believe the pattern for this quilt was "Yellowbrick Road." The borders make use a of a directional print fabric.

This was a Hunter's Star pattern from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

I've tried like crazy to find the name of this pattern...no luck. The fabric panel of horses is called North American Wildlife Horses from Robert Kaufman fabrics.

This is "Bloom," the pattern from our July Breakfast Club meeting.

The backing Jackie made from the leftover blocks.

Jackie's completed, "Quilting Season," our mystery quilt last winter.

Jackie's completed mini heart quilt for her daughter's wedding.

This is a seasonal quilt club kit our host shop started recently.

This is Joyce's version of a strip club pattern, "Little Boxes."

Marcia's "Bloom," quilt just back from the quilters...needing its binding. 

Special treat...a store customer brought in her unique Kuspucks.

Kuspucks are a traditional Eskimo women's over dress. Really considered a summer parka. They are usually worn as a type of pullover jacket. Very roomy for easy movement with a layer of clothing worn underneath like turtleneck and jeans. Our Breakfast Club gathering had a great time seeing this seamstress's designs. Beautiful!!!

And my version of, "Bloom." 

Now I need to spend some time figuring out what project I am going to work on this Thursday for September's Breakfast Club. Can't believe a month has slipped by so quickly.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you have a good turn out of quilts once again - bet you enjoy being back home after the years in Paris and being able to keep up with your quilting friends again. How is the rock work going for your garden?

Sally said...

Love seeing those quilts form Breakfast Club...I'm inspired to work on one of the quilts I've got hanging around waiting to be finished. Thank you for sharing all you do.

CecileD said...

Wonderful quilts ! Your quilters friends are very talented...
Thanks for sharing Debbie !