Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring Snow

The dogs are happy...we have new snow! We got three inches of snow yesterday and looks like another six inches came down last night. It is still snowing so maybe we are on to a record breaking spring snow.

Eli did put a foot out the door to check out the white wet stuff but then decided it was better to watch the snow from inside. I just put those deck chairs out last was so pretty and sunny for about three weeks...though temperatures were still in the 20's at the warmest part of the day. 

This is as close as I am going to get to gardening. Another adorable Bucilla stocking kit in progress.

I do have plenty of projects to tackle while the snow is flying. We finally committed to a sink for our garage. Yes...rather lavish for a garage but experience from our previous house led me to insist we have a commercial grade sink for all my husband's game and fish processing. My chore is to put together the chrome shelving unit that will tuck into the corner and determine a counter top for it...something like butcher block for all that chopping. And I am hoping to have a wonderful garden this summer and would love a big area to clean my veggies.

Also in the garage is my main project today...hiding under the Christmas present I bought my husband. 

Oh dear...wonder who put the gun ammo in treadle machine drawer? 

I'm very embarrassed at how poorly this little trundle machine has been treated. I put it in the garage two years ago with the expectation of working on it right away. I watched a couple of youtube videos a few days ago and gathered my supplies. This is the official "before" picture of the cabinet.

But of course there is always more on that pesky, "To Do List." I bought a set of red snappers for my quilt frame but need to add 3/4-inch sleeves to the fabric leaders to insert the red poles. I also bought some charcoal gray felt to recover my design walls.

The quilt project that never ends...En Provence. This is the size I am making. Twelve large blocks finished but lots of piecing parts left to complete.

Times a wasting...better get into the garage and start my projects.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

pretty snow but glad it is you not me. love the quilt!

CecileD said...

Oh my.... Where are you Mr Spring ? The snow is pretty in your garden and the dogs are happy to play in it but there is time for all !
Your quilt is beautiful as usual ! I love the colors you used !

Ramona said...

I have to agree with Karen... the snow is beautiful in the photo, but I am so ready for spring. Your En Provence quilt is gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on your antique cabinet. A friend gifted me his mother's treadle machine and I need to refinish it, too.

Sally said...

While that snow is really pretty, I must say, Better you than me! I really don't care to have to drive or walk in fact, I'm terrified! Looks as though you have lots of projects to keep you inside,though. I love that commercial sink in the garage!!!

Suz J said...

Wow, check out your snow! I can't blame the cat for not being too keen! And that commercial sink would come in handy for "manly" hunting tasks... and "womanly" vegetable tasks :o)

Donna quilts said...

The dogs look happy to be running around in the snow (hopefully your last snow fall this spring!) Your En Provence quilt is looking great.