Thursday, May 25, 2017


I just love getting to pull a completed quilt off the frame! I washed and dried it today so now it is ready for binding.

This quilt top started out as a Breakfast Club project, a fat quarter pattern called "Perfect Ten." From the start I envisioned quilting each little section with a different quilt pattern. There are 10 fat quarters for this pattern so I came up with 10 different fills for each fabric box...keeping with the same fill for a particular fabric...more practice at perfecting my fill options.

Sew much fun...I'm going to have to do some more practice quilts to work on my "fill" options.

Also pecking away at my patriotic log cabin quilt. 

We've been spending most evenings in the sewing studio since I have a fenced dog run outside my studio door. We have a few black bears that are regularly coming through the yard now and since evenings are the time we see them the most I have moved to the studio after 7 p.m. pictures....two dogs, barking their most ferocious snarls, are keeping the bears out of good photographic distance.

Thought I would share a little "Alasakana." When the snow melts it is prime time to hunt for antler sheds. Artists purchase them for carving. Usually you find one side of a pair of sheds...then walk around a bit...and if you are lucky you find the other half. It is rare to find a skull with the antlers intact. This moose died but the skull and antlers weren't destroyed by other animals. My son will try to sell this to an artist for a few hundred dollars. The perks of growing up in a family with airplanes.

Here's the family Piper Super Cub...kind of like a flying VW bug. My son lands on the sides of river beds or small open areas and then hikes to the antler sheds he saw from the air.


Ramona said...

Your quilting is beautiful! I love how you used a different fill in each block. How much do the antler sheds weigh? The double antlers with the skull look huge.

Donna quilts said...

That's so interesting about the moose antlers!
And I really like your perfect ten quilt. I've never seen one done in batiks before. I think your idea of a different fill option for each fabric is brilliant. Practicing fills is something that I definitely need to do and you've given me a great idea.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

great find on the antlers - always nice to make a little extra money on something that you find. Glad the dogs move inside when the bears come to visit, even if they are inside a fenced area I'm sure it would create a problem

Sally said...

Wow. Just wow! I love seeing your beautiful batik creations and the quilting designs you come up with for them. And those antler sheds are amazing...I never really thought about where artists get their materials...thanks for sharing.

Suz J said...

Look at all that quilting texture! Looking good Debbie! Not sure about the flying tin can... does it have rubber bands to wind up?