Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hot Water and Heat are Good Things

For the past week my life was hijacked by a boiler heating system and hot water heater that weren't doing their jobs keeping our house warm. I tried to push through the distraction and attend the quilting retreat with my Material Girls quilting group but  I gave up after the third morning of waking up to no heat and changed the quilt retreat into a stay-at-home intense Bucilla kit work session. I could sit at my dining room table which was next to the fireplace...pretty cozy.

I finished this adorable stocking, Candy Express.

I finished the first companion ornament to the stocking...tiny pieces which were a challenge not to lose before they were all attached.

We got our first official snowfall for the season on Saturday. Most of it has melted be we had it for a few days and the dogs loved playing in it.

Eli...he really wanted to sit on the dining room table while I was working on the stocking but that is not allowed. Here is his reaction to my reprimand...Ha!

I have been pecking away at my Bloom quilt. 

It is so much easier stitching through the soluble glue edges versus fusible web. 

This quilt is from Fourth & Sixth Designs. They have a YouTube video for each block, specifically for construction using a domestic sewing machine and one video for doing all the top stitching on a longarm.  

I am obviously doing the longarm version.

I will wash this quilt to get rid of the glue so that will be the final test to see how I like this technique but so far a major thumbs up from me.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

oh no a rather new house to be having problems with your heat - I sure hope you can get it fixed soon. I'm afraid one day sooner then later we will need to get our heat pump replaced - we don't need much more than a heat pump down here in the south - heat for 4-5 months and the rest of the time is windows open or A/C depending on the humidity.

Ramona said...

Your stocking is adorable! It's funny... I was just thinking this morning that I need to work on a Bucilla kit again. It's been a while for me. I love, love your Blooom quilt. The flowers and quilting are gorgeous!

Sally said...

Looks like you are coming along smartly with those ornaments...I've pulled another of my Bucilla stocking kits out and am getting ready to start it...Since I know there's no way to finish it before the holidays, I'm not rushed and can take the time to enjoy the process.

That quilt is going to be so pretty...I love the quilting you are doing.

Thanks for sharing.

Suzanne said...

The look on Kitties face is priceless! Thank goodness for a fireplace.

Suz J said...

EEK on the heating issues... looks way too cold to have that kind of problem. Glad you got some Christmas sewing done - your projects always look so professional. I found that I have a Bucilla kit from about 25yrs ago that has a series of small bears as tree ornaments. I have made one very amateurish looking bear! And so much work on that Bloom quilt. Sewing through fusible, especially with batiks can cause so many problems.