Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Kicking Off August

A few days of rain does a lot for a quilter's time in the studio. 

I completed the quilting on Spumoni Spin #2. I might not get the binding on until the next rainy day...because it is pretty outside. Don't even know why I am on my computer when the sun is shining!

It is because I have been a little obsessed with the scrappy Half Square Triangles (HSTs) that are left over from the two quilts I made from the Spumoni Bali Pops.

No matter how many HSTs I piece together...there are always more!

I can't seem to stop thinking about what to do with this little suckers.

In July I finished a set of Sandra Cozzolino Santas

I know you are may of these Santas are there left to make from this designer? 

Every time I think I have that figured out the final tally...I find more vintage designs. Sandra Cozzolino has a Facebook page where even she admits she doesn't know the final count.

I am now starting her new designs for 2020.

No wild critter pics to share though I did see a lynx cross our street while working in the yard last week. The lynx was as tall as my dogs...who were very confused when they saw it. I'm sure they thought it was a dog. It made for a nice conversation piece that evening at dinner. 

My big cat, Eli, was safely tucked away inside. He is only allowed to go in the dog run for outside adventures since there are just too many wild animals that would like to eat him...lynx, foxes and coyotes are all in the area.

He would make a good-sized meal.

Time to get on with more gardening tasks.

All of the annuals are hitting peak performance.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the quilt looks lovely! love that cat too - yes better protect him from the wild critters. Your flowers do so well

Mary said...

I like to take advantage of the nice weather and do a lot of gardening and hand stitching projects outside.

Ely has gotten so big. Allowing him out in the dog run area is a good idea.

The quilt is looking nice.

Donna quilts said...

Your Spumoni Spin #2 looks great. I really like the colors. Those HSTs are wonderful pieces - you can do so many layouts with them. I keep a close eye on my cats when they are outside since we have fox and the occasional bear that will travel the neighborhood.

Sally said...

Spumoni Spin is stunning. And the flowers on your deck just make me smile - I love the arrangments!

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

What a fabulous quilt! Your flowers are lovely.

Barb said...

Good morning Debbie! Your quilt is beautiful. Is there a pattern for the quilt design? I did a quick search and couldn't find one. It looks like a great quilt for 2 1/2 inch strips.