Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Welcome 2021

The New Year is off to a great start.

Eli is no longer wearing the cone of shame!
A food allergy is the suspected problem. 
He is on a special diet and getting a dose of Zyrtec everyday as he still has a rash on his ears. I have now acquired the new skill of being able to “pill” a cat. It’s actually pretty easy.

And my quilting mojo has returned. 

Yesterday I finished quilting the dark green background spaces. This is the first quilt with appliqué that I have quilted so looking forward to the challenge of outlining all those adorable designs.

I completed one last Bucilla kit for 2020, giving me 10 official finishes.

Cross stitching was the one daily project I managed to keep doing in December.
I started working a on a series of mitten ornaments.

I also decided to join a SAL with Pat Sloan. The pattern is Stomping Ground.

Hard to resist elephants.

I like it when I can finish with a photo of the latest visitors.

These two young bulls spent about an hour roaming our yard last week and would occasionally butt heads. The bull on the left has dropped one of his antlers...wonder if it is in one of my neighbors yards.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the moose look like a Christmas card!!

AEF said...

Love the Bucilla Santas! Never seen these before. I am working on a stocking that is also an Advent Calendar. Cross stitch is lovely as well! I have only quilted doll quilts I am jealous of your talent.

Donna quilts said...

Happy New Year! Those cross stitched mittens are quite small, but so adorable. I look forward to seeing that quilt when it's finished and off the frame. And I'm glad that Eli is doing better. He's lovely!

Mary said...

Happy New Year! So glad to see Eli is doing much better. Great pictures of all your projects and I love seeing the wildlife in action.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Your quilt is looking great, cannot wait to see it done. I used to do those Bucilla kits, love your finishes.

Jill said...

Happy New Year to you also! Such a relief to have the cone of shame removed and getting back to normal. I know the feeling as our cat had to wear the cone for two weeks this past fall. Your Christmas projects are very pretty. Detailed needlework. As we were fortunate to have visited your state twice, I enjoy your Alaska photos!