Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Three Quilt Top Finishes

My midarm quilting machine is still in Iowa so more tops got finished to add to the , "To Be Quilted," pile. That pile is way to many great quilt tops I would love to finish!

The first two quilt tops were panel projects from my February retreat. I really wanted them to be a decent lap-size so I searched through my stash and found the perfect batik that worked for both panels. 

The kits included fabric for binding but I used it to add a light green inner border on the black bear panel. 

A little close up of the outer border perfect. I'm sure I've had this in my stash for 15-plus years. 

The original border kit for the eagle called for the light greyish blue inner border but I didn't realize I'd not added it until I noticed how much of this fabric was left in the kit...a good half yard.

And again...this same batik looks so great with the eagle panel. I just have scraps left of my original three-yard piece. 

Both panel quilts finished 57 x 72-inches.

The Jelly Belly Bunnies are a complete top! All this fabric was in my stash too but maybe for only 10 years. 

The true colors show a bit better with a closeup photo.

A great mistakes...everything came together quickly once the bunny blocks were made. Lots of points but they all came together with minimal restitching. The pattern called for corner stone squares that matched the background but I just had to add some more color. 

I bought the pattern at an adorable quilt shop, The Enchanted Quilt, in Wichita Falls, Texas, when I was there for our son's graduation from pilot training at Sheppard Air Force Base. A fun memory to have with this project. 

I wanted to share a link to a great project sheet on Moda's Bakeshop. I usually take a final photo of my quilt to include in my records and have several notebooks for finishes but I don't have a consistent way of writing out project information. I really like Moda's Project Tracker worksheet...especially for working out my batting an backing sizes which seems to be where I get stuck because I'm not prepared with the right sizes too many times. Below is the link if you are interested.

It still looks like the middle of winter at my house...except we have a lot more sunlight. There's a little light still in the sky when I climb into bed at 10 p.m. I read today that a Russian volcano, Shiveluch, has produced a lot of ash lately, and will most likely affect weather for several years...making the climate cooler or warmer than usual. NOOOOOOO! 

We broke a record for coldest the cooler option is just very scary to me! I love my Alaskan summer months. We'll see what happens...warmer or cooler.

Summer forecast...more quilting likely.


Ramona said...

These quilt tops are all beautiful! I just love your batik collection! Thanks for the link to the tracker. I’m bad about documenting my quilts and need to get better. Here’s to hoping your weather isn’ t changed by the ash!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I hope your Alaskan summer months will be great! love all your quilts you share