Saturday, April 2, 2011

"She's My Jenny," - Forrest Gump

No...I didn't get a new puppy! I just thought it was time to get rid of those winter scenes from my blog banner and the dog picture I wanted was from the day I picked up Jenny...2 1/2 years ago.

This is Jenny...all grown up. She is quite a guard dog. This morning...4 a.m., she started barking. She was sleeping in the basement when she saw this walk by the window...

My son took this photo the evening before when we went outside to try and scare off this moose. She is pregnant and not in a very good mood so we didn't have much luck. She apparently remembered my tasty shrubbery and made her way back this morning. 

I really don't like these big critters except packaged up in my freezer for dinner. Maybe she knew I had moose breakfast sausage in my was great!

See all that snow? Still got lots of it at my house.

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