Monday, September 5, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I spent Labor Day weekend reacquainting myself with my mid-arm quilter, Marta. Inevitably that meant spending time with my seam ripper. Tension issues are so frustrating! But I got it resolved. I know I lose skills when I take so much time off so the simple solution is to quilt on Marta more regularly.

And of course I made it harder on myself by picking a big quilting project...ruler work and lots of pepples.

The backside is so pretty! Time to get the binding on and then I will have a UFO Completion. I think  this was June's UFO...I'm a little behind but that doesn't bother me because this will make SIX UFO completions for the year. That makes me very happy.

Still working on my Disappearing Nine Patch. I love reader input. Kathy gave me a great idea...just take off the bottom two rows and add those blocks to the side. 

So more time with the seam ripper but now I am even closer to getting this top done.

And in keeping with my hope to be more consistent at working on Marta, the next top ready for quilting will be "Snail Takes a Detour." I just need to run a seam to join the two backing pieces.

I'm anxious to finish my Henrietta Whiskers quilt. Anne Sutton sent out the final block and setting instructions yesterday so it could be done for this fall...HaHa. Doubtful, but a nice thought.


Denise :) said...

Wonderful job on your quilting -- you're right, the back side is gorgeous! :)

Cathy said...

WOW!!! Your quilting looks fabulous. And by the sounds of it, you are getting tons of stuff done. And, oh my, but I can sympathize in the frustration of machine quilting tension issues. Five minutes to stitch it in, and 5 hours to rip it out.

Amy said...

Thumbs up! Your stitching looks great. It is hard after taking a break. I thought so myself the other day.