Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Official- A Finished UFO

I just finished sewing the binding on this lovely Moda U quilt called "Postcards," started in 2006-2007. This was one of the first quilts I tackled in batiks. Now it is rare that I work in anything other than batiks. Of course batiks are more expensive...isn't that how it always works!

  This was also the quilt that I learned to use EQ software. At the time it was EQ5. (EQ has been updated twice since then and is much easier in many ways. Importing fabric is far easier now.) It was great practice to figure out how to create the blocks in the program. They were all based on a nine patch grid. I highly recommend taking an existing pattern (you have purchased...keep in mind copyright issues) and trying to recreate it in EQ to learn your way around the program. 

The postcard covers are pretty cute. I wonder how many other ladies who were in the class ever finished their quilts? Sadly, instructors were changed halfway through the class and things fizzled out pretty quick. My top had been done for at least three years, just patiently waiting for me to quilt it. 

I would love to take a photo of this beauty outside to show it off but we are in a non-stop gloomy weather system that has persisted for six weeks now and there is no sign of a change anytime this week. I have a new quilt top ready to go on the frame so somehow between walking Jenny and cleaning (I hate cleaning when it's gloomy...I really hate rain...I'm ready for snow...snow is bright and happy.) I should get to it soon. What a great start to September. Maybe I'll even get two quilts done! I don't think I've had a finish since May.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is a pretty quilt. Nice to finish I'm sure. I have EQ 5 and then got EQ 7 but I don't use it much. I did not get the update so I have both versions and I find I use neither, I just can't get the hang of it. I do have both on my computer though and brought the books with me while we are traveling and once again I say I will look at them and try to learn - but will I?

Quilter Kathy said...

This is beautiful! The quilting is so intense...lots of hours in that!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Good for you! The quilting is wonderful, great job.