Sunday, October 16, 2011

SSShhh...Sleeping in the Studio

It is such a dreary day...low clouds blocking all sunlight...a constant light drizzle. One of those days that is the same dull gray color all day. Good weather for making spooky movies. (I ate some Halloween candy to celebrate the spooky mood.) Not so good for people walking...but...the weather is always perfect for dog walking.

After the walk comes puppy nap time.

Tonka and Jenny laying behind my chair as I peck away on the computer. 

We got a call last night that Forrest had been spotted by some boys. We looked for hours but didn't find him. The rainy weather isn't helping the search. If it is Forrest, he is getting closer to home.


Lynette said...

Oh, that's so sweet - look at them all cozy together. Gosh, I sure hope you find Forrest. It must be a little heart-warming to hear of a spotting. Hope, hope, hope it pans out.

Cathy said...

I really hope that it is Forrest, and that he finds his way home. Just like that book I read as a kid, "The Incredible Journey" Then you'll have 3 adorable critters sleeping behind your chair.

kellsgal said...

Gee, I hope you all find Forrest. He is a precious baby. Miss you guys. I visit here often and love the connection. Tell everyone hi! Melody