Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Eye Toward the Sky

I have to share some wonderful photos taken by my good friend, Cheri. She's working on her photography skills and she's allowed me to share some of her photos. Today I want to share some Bald Eagle shots. 

These were all taken on travels along the Kenai Peninsula last weekend. 

It's that time of year when the adolescent eagles have to make that transition to adulthood.

 On the left is the teenager...he hasn't gotten his pretty white head yet. 

Looks like there is a sister! Look at that wingspan. 

They are incredible birds. I'm fortunate to see one almost daily.

 Click on this photo...the eagle has his head tilted like he is checking out something good.

"Majestic" describes them perfectly. 


Jen said...

Tell Cheri they are beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

I've had my fun living with these birds too, they're big. One time at the lake we were all sitting around throwing crackers for the seagulls when an eagle swooped down off his perch, landed on the beach and decided he'd like a bite to eat too.....the seagull was ticked & actually picking a fight with the Eagle...Seagulls must not have many brains. LOL

Another time I had one swoop over the front of my boat while I was pulling a skiier about 25-30 mph. He was so low and so close coming in from behind me it truly freaked me out. He went down a few feet in front of the boat, snagged a fish & was back in the air in a flash. His speed was amazing.

Suz said...

gosh, what amazing photos. Looks like she has a real talent!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Wow, love the first one and the last ones best.