Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm Working Here

Still not much sewing. But I have spent some time in the sewing room sorting...and's time to find a new home for many of my things. My Breakfast Club ladies are planning a communal quilting garage sale this week...I sure hope I don't buy anything...cuz I gotta move this stuff!

I really purged my book and pattern collection. I'm just getting started on sorting the fabric. My tastes have changed so much in just the last five years! I rarely work with anything but batiks. I have a few UFOs that I would like to finish that are not batiks so I am hanging on to a good deal of printed cottons...but I'm not going to hang onto them another 10 years!


karenfae said...

I tend to hang on to fabric for so long! I should go through mine too but it is in such small pieces - so many little bits fat quarter or under! and the books - don't get me started. Maybe I should suggest to the quilting groups that we do this too.

Sally said...

You have so much more will-power than I do...I have pieces of fabric that I bought in 1998! I wish I could just let them go...Bless your heart for being so strong to let them go...when you get a chance, would you care to come to my house and sort me out? JK...maybe.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Best of luck with your tagging. Everything looks so organized, I'll be keeping any sewing room pictures under wraps here until I clean again.