Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stitching Sunday

I've started a new set of Bucilla ornaments. I hope I can finish the set before I leave for the Houston Quilt Show. This set is fairly easy...not a lot of embroidery which I find is the most time consuming part of a kit. These ornaments revolve around the theme of Santa's Workshop.

A Choo-Choo Train...

Now it's time for me to pat myself on the back. It seems an eternity since I did any quilting...and I can't wait to set up my sewing room in Paris. But here's a list of what I've managed to accomplish in the past two months with our new house.  Most of it with the help of a wonderful handyman. 

Stairway Railing installed...must still be stained my me.

Custom closet shelving installed. It all needs to be stained by me.

It took me about 10 days to get the master closet stained and polyurethaned. The rest of the closets will have to wait.

Dog kennel constructed.

Wednesday the studio floor was officially completed and I have started moving back into my space.

No photos...but I also got a few other things done.
House numbers installed on the exterior.
Hardware installed on all the cabinetry.
Snow stops installed on our metal roof.
Room cleared in the garage to store the '78 Corvette.
Security system installed.
Cleaned up the deck for winter...cleared and stored the planters, raked leaves.
New washer and dryer installed.
Animal heads and artwork hung on walls.
Windows measured, pleated shades ordered. Hanging shades scheduled for this week.
Trips to the dump. Trips to donate goods we don't need.
Continual unpacking...repacking...unpacking...repacking...

And the toughest part...sending Tonka and Jenny to their new home. They are doing very well and although I miss them I don't have the horrible sadness that comes with the death of pet...I just miss them and get a little teary-eyed every now and then.

I've been a bit stressed...a bit grumpy at times...and pretty tired. This week will be spent taking care of final "busy chores." Getting a new driver's license. Changing my cell phone service to an international plan. Getting my Bernina packed for shipment by a professional packing business. Buying all the stuff we need to ship to Paris (lots of chunky peanut butter, personal care products we like, all the stuff for my Paris sewing room, lap top to connect me to the everyone, printer, home office get the idea.) 

Almost time to start the next chapter of my life. 


barbara woods said...

beautiful but i can't find any way to follow your blog

Quilter Kathy said...

Holy moly you have been busy! You deserve to put your feet up and do some hand stitching for several weeks now! Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

mlcquilts said...

You have gotten so much done - I'm tired just reading it. Enjoy your visit to Houston and your time in Paris. Are you going to be able to blog from there? Will you make any trips back to check on things or is there someone to do that for you?
Mary Carter

kellsgal said...

Wow. You have gotten so much accomplished. I sent you a FB message. Dawn and I will be in Houston too. We hope to see you there. Best wishes and safe travels.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

about what I have expected you to say - more than one person would ever want to deal with!! I bet you are keeping several lists and as you make a mess of them checking things off you are making new lists to keep yourself organized.
How big is the sewing room in Paris going to be? you have such a large one here at this home - I bet it is a spare bedroom :)
I can't wait to be in on your new adventures in Paris and what all you will see in Europe - I will be living vicariously through you. L) I want to see it all!!

scraphappy said...

I am glad that you found some time to sit a bit and stitch amongst all that activity. Sounds like you have been getting lots done, though there is still a long list remaining. Good luck getting everything ready.

Kate said...

Lots going on. It's good you found some time to sit and stitch.

Karen L. said...

I also cannot believe how much you have gotten done. I am late coming to follow your blog and don't quite understand why you have a new house that was not quite finished but are leaving for Paris soon. I assume you will come back to this house after your five (?) years in Paris and that you were in the process of building/fixing it before you found out about the move? Will it be empty the whole time or will you have a house sitter (maybe I could volunteer, ha)? Anyway, have fun in Houston and best of luck and safe trip to Paris. Cannot wait to read about your new life. As the other Karen said, I also will be living vicariously through you.