Monday, June 3, 2013

Breakfast Club Recap

I almost forgot about Show and Tell from Breakfast Club!

April's Breakfast Club Pattern? Several did kits in these pretty blue and yellow colors.

Erin's version had fishing themed fabrics.

Dots and Dashes done in a Cotton Candy Bali Pop.

Les Jarden in Kaffe prints.

Megan did some snow dying...this was just one of several pretty!

I think everyone must have a moose quilt who lives in Alaska!

Carol played with her Kaffe stash.

Jane had this gorgeous table runner. I have made this but can't remember the name of the pattern. I think it's a Cozy Strip Club pattern.

Erin found the instructions for this runner on the internet, Missouri Quilt Company.

And here is the pattern on the schedule for June's Breakfast Club.

Since I don't have a dining room table right now and I am not tackling finding one this summer, I think I will pass on this project. I will still attend but I'll probably just work on what I started for May's class. Here are the six blocks I finished in class. 

I'm hoping to finish quilting my Batiki Argyle quit top today! I detest straight-lined quilting which requires "ruler work." is the design I thought worked best since this quilt is being gifted to a man.  I  worked on it for 7 hours yesterday. A curvy free-hand design would have been done by now...sigh.

Just in case you are wondering...I saw both baby moose yesterday morning. And just because I can...I am going to visit a quilt shop in Wasilla, Sylvia's Quilt Depot. Despite the small size it has a great selection of everything! So many great quilt shops within an hour of my house and now those Alaska prices look cheap compared to Paris.


Sally said...

Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous pictures...I'm curious to know the name of the May class block/quilt and the table runner for June...would you be willing to share the name...I think those are both in my future.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

are Alaska prices at quilt shops a lot more than the lower 48? thanks for sharing all the photos :) I always love seeing a quilt show!

Donna quilts said...

The breakfast club does some really beautiful work - thanks for showing us the photos. I do like the colors in your May blocks.

Caroline Ingalls said...

Don't laugh .... i did my first machine quilting on my Bernina this week strait or curves was a mess ^^
Still winter here ....