Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday in the Studio

It's a little cloudy today so maybe I will get this quilt loaded on the quilting frame. I've been trying to work out my quilting design plan. Plexiglass and wonderboard markers that erase off work so well. Don't forget to put that tape edge around the outside of the plexiglass...too easy to mark your actual quilt when you are distracted and run your line off the plexiglass...I know!

Drawing on plexiglass it's a great way to see if the scale of the design from my doodling will work on the actual size. My muscle memory for making feathers is rather lacking...more practice is needed. Two years of not quilting is a little tough to recover from.

I got on a cutting binge and made more blades for the Dresdan plate quilt. I needed 300 blades...I think I cut  enough for 600! Maybe some matching pillows?

Speaking of pillows... from leftover backing fabric I made matching pillowcases for the Alaska's Wild Heart quilt. 

And I had just enough backing leftover to make one king-sized pillowcase for Batiki Argyle. The quilt fits perfectly in the pillowcase for gifting...just like I planned it!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

maybe if you have too many templates of the Dresden plate you can use them in a border also?

Caroline Ingalls said...

Now when I have too many blocks for the top a piece the in the back and now the kids are always looking for the back of a quilt for a surprise.

Still rainy & cloudy here, it's so not summer, "la fete de la musique" was June 22th in most of towns and villages was a mess..

Bonnie from Quiltville make my day: Yesterday she put a picture of my cats and "new" sewing machine for Quilt Camp so funny!!!!