Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Catching Up

The last two days my guests have mostly run around Paris without me. I had the final French visa appointment today so I'm good until next year. I caught up on laundry and got a little sewing done. The good news is my borders for the storm-at-sea quilt are coming along swimmingly.

I need to measure the lengths...I might be crying later!

The fabric I ordered from the US that my son brought in his suitcase is not the fabric I need! It is so hard to tell on the internet. The fabric I need is on the right and I now think it is an Island Batik, 40-b3. What I ordered is a great Hoffman batik that is Smoke 885. I have seven quilt shops within an hour's drive from my Alaska home that carry lots of batiks...including the shop I bought this at (Dina's Cozy Cabin Quilts.) Maybe there will be some left in the area when I get home in May. If you are in a  quilt shop with batiks...give a look for this Island Batik. It is really a charcoal colored background. I need two yards to finish my border but I would love to get four yards for some pillows. I have scoured the luck. If all else fails I will go with a mottled black without dots.

I did have time to work on some cross stitching in the car and on the train this week and finished up three more cross stitch ornaments. The background fabric is my missing  Island Batik fabric...the colors look more true with the colorful ornaments on it.

We did a quick visit to Notre Dame yesterday. I have to say...after seeing the cathedral in  Koln, Germany...this seems rather small and simple.  Here's a view from the backside. We were a bit rushed as it was nearing closing time so maybe we just didn't allow enough time to appreciate it. There were lots of great gargoyles on the exterior but the lateness in the day made photo taking not so good.


We walked across the "Lovelock" bridge, Pont de l'Archeveche.  From the handrail to the ground, locks cover the sides of this bridge.

Couples often have their names inscribed with a date on the's one you can buy in Paris to add to the masses.

I read on Wikipedia that this is a recent fad. Around the year 2000, locks started showing up on bridges around Europe. It is a controversial practice. Many believe it is akin to vandalism on historic bridges.  The dates we saw on the locks were mostly from the last four years...but it was unbelievably packed so I don't know how far back these locks are dated on this bridge.

We then walked through the Latin Quarter...and yes...I should have taken some pictures but wasn't very exciting. Little alley ways with small restaurants that aren't very good! I would advise to go anywhere else in Paris to eat...but it is very busy in the area so it pulled Zack and Lindsey in to eat there. 

We are planning a big day tomorrow and I will take lots of pictures. We are going to Versailles!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sorry your fabric wasn't what you needed - that is always a bummer! sounds like you have been very busy showing your son and companion around town - bet you found some new things to see as well.

Cocopatch said...

ah Versailles! You must love it!

Julianne said...

Would you be interested in selling the pattern for the three kings ornaments? I want desperately to stitch them! They are gorgeous!