Sunday, February 23, 2014

Star Wars in Paris and Roman Ruins in Koln

A Star Wars exhibition is making its way around Europe. It opened in Paris last week so we took part in it.

C3PO with his mismatched silver leg from the kneecap down.


One of the pod racer puppets.

Anakin's full-sized pod racer

Padme's clothing

No photos allowed in the two art museums we visited, musee de l'organerie and musee d'orsay.  Our timing was incredible as it was the least crowded I had ever experienced in previous visits to these museums...despite it being a school vacation time here in Paris. 

We bought some macaroons from the famous Pierre Herme. A box of seven cookies was $18 Euros...very expensive...they were delicious but I'm not sure they are worth the price for a cookie just a little bit bigger than an Oreo.  Here are the flavors as best as I can remember. 

From left to right:
Chocolate and Passionfruit
Mint and Mulberry
Bittersweet Chocolate
Chocolate with a berry flavor
Iris and some other flavor...can't inspired
Salted Carmel

My husband had an unexpected business trip to Koln, Germany so we jumped in the car and came with him.  A pretty day but no shops were open on Sunday. And because I have another appointment on Wednesday to pick up my French visa, we are heading back to Paris via the train on Monday.

Zack and Lindsey on a bridge across the Rhein overlooking Koln.

We had some jaeger schnitzel last night with stewed red cabbage and sautéed potatoes and the locally brewed Kolsch beer.

For lunch I had a great chicken curry.

We decide to give Zack a break from art museums and instead went to a great museum in Koln with excavated Roman ruins found here in Koln...fascinating.

Needles and thimbles.

Some glass shoes for the afterlife...

Glass urns for cremated remains.

May the Force be with you.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I always loved Star Wars - so neat to see it as an exhibit. Your son must be having a blast on this vacation - so nice to have a place to stay for free! the food looks divine! cookies are so pretty but the price :) wow. love the exhibit on the needles

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

What fun. Thanks for sharing the photos.

LynCC said...

I sure hope the glass shoes were only for the After life! lol :) Thanks for sharing the fun. I would love to see the Star Wars exhibit, as well as the Roman artifacts!

Anonymous said...

With your family, you can go to the "salon de l'Agriculture", Porte de Versailles. There are lots of animals, and you can taste many cheese, wines and products of farm ! Very interesting !!

Donna quilts said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful visit with your son. The star wars exhibit mush have been fun.

Cocopatch said...

my sons want to go to the star wars exhibition but today they are with Dad at the "salon de l'agriculture".; and me at home, calm... YES!

Michelle said...

I love museums-thanks for including pics when you are allowed to take them. It looks like you are having such a good time. The needles and thimbles are interesting. I wonder if the original owner would be amused to see her tools displayed as artifacts? Lol