Friday, October 9, 2015

Everything but Quilting

No time for quilting...or any place to quilt. I decided five weeks ago to do a major overhaul on my studio space. Like all home improvement is much more time consuming than you anticipate! Most of my studio furniture was white...but white doesn't fit with our rustic home so I used an antique bronze spray paint to repaint all of my white basket carts. Then I followed up by painting all the white cabinets to a color that was supposed to match the antique bronze color...but once on the cabinets the paint looks more grey. It actually looks great with my tile floor so I'm happy. But...first I had to empty every basket and drawer for the painting. I have made good progress on "moving back" into my drawers...I really hope I finish at least that part of the project this weekend. 

 These six wire basket carts and four cabinet units will sit under a new table top for cutting. I am having my handyman make. It will have a Wilsonart laminate top...appropriately call "rustic slate."

If you know the book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie..."you know that one action inevitably leads to another situation. While cleaning up the sewing room I came across a box of old photos that need to be dealt with...mostly odd sizes like those packets of school photos, sports photos, etc....

The photo project has been sitting on my dining room table for almost two weeks now...I really need to spend some time on this too!!!!

And while running into a home improvement store to buy paint...I just had to take time to look at the latest Christmas light displays...I couldn't believe Eiffel Tower!!! I don't know why I hesitated but I really want it and I'm going back this weekend to get it! My husband doesn't understand but I think it would be just wonderful to see it twinkling in our snow covered yard this winter.

Back to work...there is a small room off my studio that my husband is going to claim for his office space. I suggested to actually make it look nice and have our handy man construct a wall unit and table. My handyman likes me to use blue table to layout what I envision on the walls so we are both very clear on the dimensions. It really helped my husband to visualize and make decisions. I also used chalk to write actual measurements and notes to remember to tell my handyman. The down side is I will have to stain and finish this cabinet...more work!!!

And I am asking my handyman to do one more major project for me...a deluxe ironing station combined with thread storage. I saw this photo on pinterest and was so thrilled...I need this!!! I made some changes in the design to suit me...can't wait. Again...another project for me because I will have to paint it before I can start using it. Not sure when my handyman will be able to get all these projects finished...soon I hope!

No quilting...but I have tried to at least spend a little time crafting. With so many brain cells spent making decisions about home projects I got stalled on my latest Bucilla project because I needed to figure out how I wanted to stuff this tree which is a wall hanging. Genius that I took me forever to think about using quilt batting. I had scraps of a polyester batting that looks like it will be perfect.

All sides pinned and ready to stitch together.

It is so relaxing to have a few cross stitch projects to work on that don't require any thinking,  This is the last set of three nutcracker international Santa's from the brochures I've been working from the last few months. The Swedish Santa just needs some final touches and the Denmark Santa is pretty close to the final stages, too.

I rolled out a new rug for the studio already...McKinley needed her space. We had a check up with the vet recently and she needed to increase her food intake...a little too thin!!! McKinley loves food so she loved that diagnosis! She is getting so tall...look at her long legs...she's like a little colt!

I need to mark it in her baby book...I think she actually understands at the age of four and half months, that potty should happen outside. She has finally started sitting by the door and waiting patiently. We are trying to teach her to ring potty bells that hang from the handle but we aren't quite there yet. But truly...I think she understands she should withhold from violating inside. I knew it would eventually happen!


carol fun said...

You have lots of great home improvement projects... which ALWAYS take more time than we think... oh well, it will definitely be worth it when they are completed. Go back and get that Eiffel will look so cool in the snow. I'm a sucker for outdoor decorations - I got a giant snowman last year as a Christmas gift from my boys and for Halloween I found an inflatable 5 ft. long wiener dog....too cute. Your cross stitch projects are so pretty... and yes I find it relaxing too. McKinley is growing like a weed... such a sweet face, who could deny her more kibble. Have a grea weekend!

audrey said...

Good luck on your sewing room! Sounds wonderful.:)

CecileD said...

Sometimes we have to clean a lot...but it's more pleasant when it's our sewing room !
Your McKinley is adorable !!
I wish you a nice weekend !

Donna quilts said...

Definitely go for the Eiffel Tower!! It will look beautiful all lit up and hey, that experience of living in Paris is now a part of you.
I do like the new gray colour of your studio furniture.

Sally said...

Debbie, your studio is coming along so will be such a joy to work in once it's done. I never thought about using blue tape to mark what you want done on a wall...I'm gonna steal that idea! McKinley is growing up so pretty....what a delightful companion when you are in the studio. Thank you so much for sharing your world with us.

LizA. said...

busy, busy, busy> I love that thread/ironing table. I would definitely need it much taller tho. As for the bell ringing, it will come. just be sure that EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. that you open the door, you help her to push the bell and make it jingle. You could start adding treats when she does, just not every time or she will expect it every time. we could tell by the way Arlo rang his bell whether he really had to go out for potty or whether he was bored. when he was bored he would literally bash the bell into the wall. we have a big round bell at the bottom of the ribbon with several smaller jingle bells on the ribbon.

Lynette said...

Ooo~! Cool things happening at your place. I could really love that ironing/thread station!