Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm Here!

Apparently I am in a time machine where I lose days. Still working on the quilting studio rehab so no completed photos to share just yet...I'm waiting for the final reveal...could still be several weeks. 

In the meantime...the snow melted and the moose have been visiting.
This is a corner of my house on the right...I came out of the garage and around this corner and spotted the one we call Great Scott. He let me drive by and get to my Jazzercise class.

I finished the final set of Nutcracker Santas: Denmark, Greece and Sweden.

There was some more household drama...my washing flashed a code that meant it had a drain blockage...not good! Instead of calling a repairman...I explored the option of fixing it myself. Every time I call a repairman it costs me at least $200. First...I unplugged the machine...very important when working around water. I removed the bottom front panel and spied what looked like a drain opening. The huge white knob was conveniently placed! My washer and dryer are on a raised, tiled platform. I had my bucket under the drain pipe which was good because when I opened it lots of water drained out...two buckets worth. 

And what was behind the white knob were two sheets that I recognized right away...despite their icky gray color. A dryer sheet and a color fast sheet. I have absolutely no idea how they were small enough to sneak their way into the washing machine drain.

If it happened once...I suppose it will happen again. But at least I know how to fix the problem.

And again...I spotted the moose on my way to Jazzercise...this time right by our mailbox.

I finally got my Nordic Christmas Tree Advent Calendar completed. I have not decided how I am actually going to hang this. In this photo I have it pinned to my design wall. The kit has 25 ornaments but only 24 spots for hanging them on the tree...hmmm. Trying to find a spot for #25.

The kit called for using red sequins with a bead to use as the hangars for the ornaments. That didn't seem like a good idea to me so I used tiny red buttons. 

McKinley is taking a lot of my time lately. Lots of teething going on which gets her chewing on everything...after lots of playing or a long walk...eventually I get a puppy nap time. Her head is resting on a stuffed dog that was the same size as her when I first got her. She is just shy of being 5 months old.

And once again...on my drive home from Jazzercise...I caught a moose crossing the road...

Here's the same photo cropped tighter. I always slow down when I see a cow this time of year because very often there is a bull in pursuit but that wasn't the case on this occasion.

And another pic of McKinley...she has discovered treasures in garbage cans...paper towels and kleenex are her favorites. Can't take my eyes of her when she is awake!

Hoping to get a quilt loaded on my frame. I don't currently have a cutting table so I might have to resort to using the floor to cut the batting to size...which will require putting Kinley outside and vacuuming first!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love your moose and dog photos :) you see such wondrous things. weird about the washing machine - I wonder if that can happen to mine - I will need to be alert for that and so great that you figured out how to fix! love the Christmas tree - rain this weekend for us - thank goodness burn ban for entire state it is too dry out there.

Dawn said...

Arent those moose huge, I would hate to hit one in car! Love the Christmas Tree. Since I started Bucilla stockings, my friends have all started and tonight I am teaching them how to do it and its all your fault, cos you got me addicted too LOL

Rebecca said...

We adopted a puppy this spring born at the local shelter. He is 9 months old now. I do hope he lives to be a lot older (Its in doubt some days believe me)
He discovered trash cans and all the wonderful paper and stuff they hold! He is a hound, demon spawn and hamster mix and at 75lbs about twice the size projected. Its easy enough to eventually get all the trash cans covered but now he has taken to grabbing stuff off tables and running.

Anonymous said...

Do you like stained glass suncatchers? I happened to find this Gordon Setter suncatcher on Etsy:


Best wishes, Barbara

Donna quilts said...

Your advent tree is so adorable - I just love it.
It's incredible that those sheets were in your washing machine drain! Do you suppose that where the socks go?!
Love your photos of the moose and McKinley. She is getting big - but what a cute face. I'm sure she keeps you busy!

Lynette said...

Wow! What a crazy thing with the machine. That's spurring me to do the same to check mine out when I get home from lunch/errands with Marissa. LOVE your advent tree, and the buttons are perfect. (I'd feel the same about using sequins.)

LizA. said...

Aren't you handy -- good for you being able to fix your washing machine by yourself. I don't think I would have even thought about trying it myself.

Get yourself some of these: http://www.amazon.com/Intruder-30442-Better-Mousetrap-6-Pack/dp/B00APWMD3A/ref=sr_1_20?ie=UTF8&qid=1446434300&sr=8-20&keywords=mouse+trap
And set her up -- cover them with something you KNOW she will want to shred. I guarantee, it won't take but a couple times before she gives it up. After Arlo finally figured it out, we would occasionally put them in just to make sure he was staying out. Just remember they're in there -- I scared myself several times.