Friday, November 27, 2015

The Holiday Rush Begins

Our first Thanksgiving in three years was small but wonderful. Only one of our sons was home but that's because our oldest son has started a new piloting job and he is in flight training at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. He was able to catch a ride with his cousins to the big Bailey family Thanksgiving in Austin. I am very sorry I neglected to get any pictures but I was sooo busy I just didn't fit photo taking into the schedule. (Why do the menfolk never think to take pictures of family occasions?  I just need to assign it to my sons next time.)

I wanted to share that we did something completely different with our turkey this year...we completely followed the Pioneer Woman's recipe and brined our turkey. We even followed her roasting directions which are pretty different too. Here's a link to her brining recipe:
and her roasting recipe:

Our turkey was beautiful...just like her pictures...and it tasted wonderfully juicy. I think we are brining converts. The only draw back was my gravy was a little salty. I made a huge batch of gravy because I kept adding low salt broth to cut the saltiness. The final result was very good but it had me worried for a bit.

Now we are officially in my favorite time of the year. I feel like I should just give up sleeping for a few weeks while I work on all my projects. I have enough of this advent calendar done to add the backing and hang it. Of course the backing that came in the kit is too big and since I cut it our ahead of time (I don't usually make that mistake) I can't fix this piece. I'll have to cut my own from some leftover quilt batting. I think I will add a white felt piece as the final backing.

It has been so fun unpacking my Christmas decorations. I had forgotten about these two snowmen. I bought our first year in Alaska at a craft bazaar. A local woman made them... their bodies are the quilt batting "Warm and Natural." They have held up beautifully for 18 Christmases. Wish I could remember how much I paid for them. I wonder if she still sells them. I didn't make it to any of the bazaars this year.

I recently discovered my box of stocking tops that I neglected to finish up by actually making the stocking portion...sure hope I get them done in time to hang them up this is possible.

I just finished the Wales Santa on the more in the trio has been started.

And...I officially entered a quilt in the AQS Paducah quilt show. The entry deadline is December 4th but I won't find out until March 4th if my quilt has made the show. It would be a great excuse to go to the show again!

I had hopes of taking part in a Bonnie Hunter mystery this year...I still haven't ruled it out. I'm finally home where I have access to my scraps is possible. Only 294 half-square triangle to make by next Friday.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

wow you really get into Christmas don't you. You will need to show sections of your home as you decorate so we can see what you do with all these Santa's that you make. I'm sure it must be nice to be home after away for the last several years Let us know if your quilt makes it to the show.

CecileD said...

Oooh Debbie a quilt for Paducah !! Congratulations ! That's wonderful and ..fingers crossed for you ! Don't forget to take some pictures please !
I love your two snowmen !! They are funny and you did a great work with your others decorations !!
I wish you a nice weekend ! :)

Donna quilts said...

How fun to be rediscovering all your Christmas decorations! Those two snowmen decorations are just lovely. There is so much detail in them - I can't imagine knitting that tiny sweater! Do share some photos with us when you have all your stockings hung and the Santas in place.

Rebecca in AK said...

Those stocking tops are amazing! And your snowmen are really cute. I took photos at our Thanksgiving and I am not in any of them. That's okay. Your quilt is beautiful! Good luck!

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