Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Little of Everything

The last two mornings I have had to wait for a moose to cross the road when driving into town for my morning workout. This morning I had my camera ready and sure enough I had to stop for a moose...again! Moose have a very high opinion of themselves...they expect the world to make way for them...not even a quicker step when they see your car. 

Everything finally came together for quilting to commence on my midarm. Loving it. 

I am so close to finishing the Hunter's Star quilt...that's good because Breakfast Club is just a few days away...sure would like to share this at show and tell. One more section of the border to add to all the sides.

Stitching away on a stocking and starting two companion ornaments.

Sunset a couple of nights ago. When I walked into our great room with our picture windows of this view I was momentarily terrified I was seeing a forest fire. Our winter was so mild...not much moisture in the area. I'm sure Alaska will have many fires this summer...we had some bad ones last summer.

It was a spectacular sunset...about  9:15 p.m. Loving our longer days!!!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

here is hoping you do not get a lot of wild fires especially near you! love those moose, I have seen them crossing the road in several areas we have been in Wyoming and Montana and they are slow movers at times.

Sally said...

I still love that Hunter's Star pattern...went out and got the magazine so I could make one for myself! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful pictures of the last beautiful and wild and spectacular!

CecileD said...

The picture with the mose is very funny !! Your words make me think about the sacred cows in India... Have you your sacred moses in Alaska ? :)))
Love love love your quilt....

Donna quilts said...

Can't wait to see the quilt that's on your mid-arm. And I'm loving your hunter's star - must put that on my quilt bucket list. I recently finished a quilt using the sea holly collection and it is one of my favourites. I've always thought that the moose looks like he's walking on stilts. Such a big animal with those long skinny legs to hold him up.

Cocopatch said...

moose on the road! strange country! your quilt is bueatiful!