Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Finish

I love having a Friday Finish...that just doesn't happen often enough!

This is a quilt of my own design. "Sparklers." It is about 85-inches square.

Not my usual colors. It is my goal to have it quilted by the Fourth of July...2016!

I have also been repairing some of my older Bucilla stockings. I had to replace the linings of 13, on which I had used an adhesive backed felt. I had no idea when I started making these stockings more than 20 years ago that I would get addicted to them and keep adding to the stash.

I will now try and finish the March Breakfast Club quilt which is a Hunter Star from a version designed by the Missouri Star Quilting Company. The most tedious part so far is trimming all the half square triangles. Very easy to sew the HSTs together incorrectly. I've done it twice already and have only finished two blocks.

I'm super excited about April's Breakfast Club project called "Himalayan Pink." It's a fat quarter pattern and I knew instantly I had a set of Moda fat quarters that had been aging just long enough to be perfect for this pattern.

I think it is fabric line called "Dragonfly Summer." I actually bought half yard cuts...I guess I really liked these fabrics! I tried several times to come up with a pattern of my own but never got there. My main design challenge was working with a line of basically medium values. Everything looked mushy together...I think it won't be a problem with this design as some mushiness in the colors seems to enhance this design. And it is a super simple construction method. We get to use a 60-degree ruler which I already own. 

And I am still working on "Spring Cleaning." My sewing room got a good cleaning last week...though I do see some areas of dust I missed as I write this. Cleaning never ends...


Ramona said...

Your patriotic quilt is a beauty. And how cute is that baseball Santa stocking! I didn't realize that Bucilla has been around that long. I wish I lived near you so I could see your collection.

CecileD said...

Hello Deb !
Congrats for your patriotic quilt ! It's a real beauty !
You're very busy but sometimes, it's a good thing for quilters ! We need some inspiration to create and realize some quilts !