Sunday, May 8, 2016

Bears...and More Bears

Last night about 10 o'clock, my neighbor took this photo from her deck. I believe I have encountered this bear before...last fall. It was very scary but he was not aggressive toward me at all. I knew he was back in the hood...he had been spotted several times by others the last few weeks.

Neighbors across the street have a trail cam that captured these shots. Sure hope this is the same bear and there aren't two of these hanging around!!!

And check this out...a Black Bear Festival!!!

The street I live on is called Bear Ridge Circle...very appropriate name. I wore a gun strapped to my hip yesterday the entire hour I spent working around my yard. I'm trying very hard to get used to having it with me.

In the meantime...I will try and get some quilting done between bear sightings. I have a very complicated BOM I want to quilt this month.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I'm not sure if I could get used to wearing a gun while doing yard work LOL - but I guess maybe if you shoot in the air it would scare them or do you need to really aim! I'm not sure how good I would be at that - have you ever had to? they are great looking creatures!

Donna quilts said...

Those bears are so cute - too bad they are so dangerous! Hopefully they will leave you alone when you're out in your yard. That quilting on your BOM block is going to look gorgeous.

Momcat said...

Bears, oh my!! I prefer them from a distance.

I LOVE the Northern Wilderness quilt, it was love at first sight when I saw it on our trip to Skagway and then again when we were in Fairbanks. I did buy the pattern at that time, but eventually bought the kit, as I was going crazy trying to find all the colors of fabric for it. I have since seen it as a block of the month in a quilt shop in Bend, Oregon, when I was doing the first Row by Row tour. I look forward to seeing your progress and the completed quilt.

CecileD said...

Oh my....they are impressive ! I prefer to admire them on the pictures... Wearing a gun is a good and conforting solution I think for you !
Alaska is a dangerous state !! Be careful !!

Sally said...

I'm just not a gun person...I can't imagine having to wear one while being outside. On the other hand, we have a puma or mountain lion that has taken up residence in our woods and it gives me pause to be outside at night! Love that BOM....can't wait to see the quilting on the entire thing.

Ramona said...

What a sight! We saw a number of bear when we visited Alaska. Your quilting is going to be gorgeous.