Sunday, May 22, 2016

Yes...More Bear Photos!

Last summer I didn't get any bear's the bear I did see twice on my walks last fall...just never got a photo of her...I was too busy worrying about whether she was going to charge me (to eat me) or let me go. She let me go.

She's spending a lot of time roaming the area. Lots of people are taking her picture. My husband says she's an old lady. ..a scrawny old lady. My neighbor had her in his yard and when she headed to our yard he called. Thank goodness Kinley was inside.

I forgot about this photo from at least two weeks ago. Lots of moose around also. This was taken across the street from my house.

Saturday and today I have been on a mission to finish this scrappy quilt. All pieces were left over from my most recent Breakfast Club project. I don't use up my scraps often enough but there were so many in this case I just had to do something with them. This is a pretty good size for a lap quilt, 37 x 58 inches. I'm calling it the "More-on Quilt"...because I just kept adding more on....

And I also tackled another scrap project I've been meaning to finish for about eight years...really!!! I even took it to Paris but all I got done there was trimming all of the half square triangles.  There are a ton of HSTs that I would like to turn into pillow shams to use with the large quilt the HST's came's a quilt I use regularly on our bed.

These pinwheels will finish at 5 1/2-inches. I have forty to make with the scraps I have...then I will have to figure out the settings and borders. I think little projects take just as long as king-sized quilts when it comes to figuring out what to do. Of course the quilting we be nice and quick.

McKinley turns a year old in just a few more days. Notice the bear bell on her collar...rather important lately! The best part of being back in Alaska is having a dog. I reallllllllly missed having a dog for three years.

She is super sweet!


CecileD said...

McKinley is so sweet on this photo and yes, fortunatly, she was inside when the bear turned around your house ! Brrrrr.....
Alaska is a very dangerous state !
Love love love your quilts ! They are so beautiful !

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I always love the photos of your wild animals and the quilts. But recently I have to wonder how do children play outside? As a parent I would think people would be very hesitant to let little kids play in their yards - how is that handled or do children need a bell on them too? :) of course I know all of you are experienced with that not like us in the lower 48 - in most states it is not something a person has to think about

Sally said...

Oh, Debbie, t I know that you are extremely careful when bears are around. I'd be scared out of my wits...we have a mountain lion roaming the area recently and I don't let the dogs out much at night... Be careful, my friend. Give Kinley a hug for her birthday from Missouri.