Friday, June 17, 2016

Landscaping Begins

Our home sits on an acre. What a daunting task to start landscaping! I have one little area off our driveway that I threw together to add a little color. Notice one of the tubs is disturbed...Kinley decided to "dig out" what I had planted. It took her a matter of seconds to "un-plant." This has become an ongoing battle. She has un-planted for me at least four times.

This trend doesn't bode well as I begin my landscaping.

The hardest part is always trying to decide what to do. I'm starting in the back of our lot. Yesterday during my Jazzercise class an idea came to me about this drop from our driveway to the backyard.

I could spend a small fortune bringing in large boulders or even smaller rock to stabilize the edge of this slope...but with an acre to landscape I don't want to blow my budget so early in the project...and I want to have a uniqueness to my yard. I used these galvanized steel tubs at my last house to add flowers in my large rock beds. They are great to work with. I'm going over the top with this idea...a wall of tubs. Here's how far I got yesterday.

I'm hoping to finish placing the tubs today which means getting them all level and ready for anchoring in place with rebar. I need hubby to get home from a trip so he can take care of cutting and pounding the rebar inplace. I drilled drainage holes in the bottom of the tubs and the rebar should fit in those 1/2 holes. That is the plan. 

I'll still have to bring in some nice rock to finish it off but it gives me a fun...perhaps whimsical area to plant. I'm thinking about trying to go with small shrubs....maybe some decorative grass in the tubs. Can't wait to get to the "planting" stage. 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Have fun with your outside landscaping project. - always find it hard to manage some of it as I do not have strength in my arms and hands - it can totally wipe me out and I get little done. We have been in one place for a long time though so really just changing areas now and then for a new look

Ramona said...

How clever! You've come up with a great idea and it will be unique to your yard. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

LizA. said...

Love the tubs -- great idea. I can sympathize with you about Kinley and the "un-planting". We have a 3 month old Labradoodle puppy now----she is tough on the landscaping. Especially the plants that play tug-o-war. My backyard is littered with black plastic pots -- they make great puppy toys.

CecileD said...

What a great idea Deb !!

Sally said...

Fabulous idea...I'm not at all a gardener - can't take sunshine without getting a migraine so I stay indoors mostly. But I sure can appreciate all the work that goes into making a spectacular garden landscape. You go, girl!

Gladis Livingston said...

I'm not much at organization of plants. Right now, it is so hot here in Texas that I don't even want to go outside at all. Sometimes I wish that I could manage to pay someone like yourself to come and make my yard seem more "homey" because it just basically looks like someone comes along and mows it and that's about it. Pretty plain.