Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Unwelcome Critters

We had a mouse invasion in our crawl space a few weeks ago and we are still cleaning up that space. Somehow this task fell mainly to me. You cannot imagine how disgusting this job has been!!! I have killed at least 20 mice using three different methods: sticky traps, snap traps and poison. Yesterday I pulled all of the insulation off the unfinished walls because the mice damaged all of it. Mouse excrement everywhere. Everything had to be pulled out of the space and cleaned. 

We found the entry point...a large hole in our garage around piping that was a mouse highway to our crawl space.

The end is in sight but it has taken countless hours to tackle this job.

We need a cat!!! I've been trying to find a Maine Coon cat. No breeders in Alaska and I'm having trouble getting a kitten when I do find a possible breeder. Frustrating! Every option pretty much would require me to fly somewhere and pick up the kitten. I don't mind doing that but traveling to and from Alaska during the high-tourist time is tough. Most summer flights are already full.

I'll keep you posted...someday I will find the perfect kitty.

So my spring cleaning has really taken most of my time...both in the crawl space and throughout the house..

Very little quilting the past few weeks

Too tired at night to even work on my Buscilla projects. 

About the only projects I have felt up to working on are cross stitch ornaments. No thinking...very little physical effort required. I always have "vintage" Sandra Cozzolino Santas to try and finish up. Her three new Santa designs have just been released. This year she made Renaissance Santas. They are fantastic and I've ordered the set...of course!

These two Santas complete the "Celestial Santas" set, "Terrestrial Santa" and " Lunar Santa."

Jim Shore has started releasing yearly sets of cross stitch ornaments. Two years ago I did his six Santas. Last year he did three Santas and three Snowmen. I have one snowman done, "Pinecone Snowman," I think this year's Jim Shore ornament designs will be released in July. I'm on a mission to get last year's designs done this summer.

I hope to get my quilt frame loaded today with the pillow shams. Came up with a quilting design. I tried to incorporate the design I did on the companion quilt but my skills have advanced in six years so I'm getting a little more intricate on the shams.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I hate mice problems - do not get them often but every now and then - used to have cats - but SIL is allergic bad so no more cats - would love a big one though of the breed you mention

CecileD said...

OMG mice !! Brrr... I hope you will find a cat ! But you don't need a big one ...just a simple sweet cat will make the job !! ;)

Ramona said...

We had a mice invasion the winter before last and YUCK! Hopefully your efforts will prevent another invasion from happening. Your snowman and Santa ornaments are adorable!

Sally said...

Mice are the worst! We have a barn and the mice would have taken over except for the black snakes we have around here - I hate snakes but these are non-venomous and keep the rodent population down...This city girl is still learning about country life even after 12 years!

---"Love" said...

Today I happened onto your blog somehow, and read about your mouse invasion. About two months ago I had a rat that would get on top of the refrigerator and eat a loaf of bread! He never got on the cabinet; just the refrigerator of all places. I did finally catch him thank goodness. Someone told me to get some Oil of Peppermint Essential Oil and sprinkle it at the point of entry on the patio. That solved the problem; haven't seen a sign of a mouse or rat since! I sprinkle a few drops around the patio and doors on a regular basis now. You might try it. Unfortunately, it doesn't clean up the mess! (frown!) ---"Love"