Monday, August 1, 2016

Commencing with Projects

I had a great time at Breakfast Club last Thursday working on July's quilt, "Bloom." My next step on this quilt will be a border...and I really don't know what I am going to do yet. Maybe some time playing with EQ7 will help me figure out a plan of action. I definitely want to incorporate a multitude of colors.

I'm going to link up with What a Hoot and her weekly Monday posts to track BOM progress. I have been at the same stage for the the kit, "Full Bloom," for several months. Fabrics washed, ironed and ready for flower production. I was so thrilled to get this quilt kit over a year ago and it is crazy I haven't gotten started. I would love to get a block done every week.

I finished the last Jim Shore series snowman, "Snowy Owl Snowman."

My kitten Eli is growing like crazy. He's been hiding all over my studio...sleeping on piles of fabric. Some of these spaces are not going to  "fit" him for very long. I gave him some homeopathic drops in his food for digestive issues and switched to a kitten food by Blue Wilderness. No more diarrhea issues. Eating and growing like a teenage boy!!! Thirteen weeks old. We think he is going to be a big boy.

Kinley is loving her new kitty. Occasionally I have to rescue a kitty toy from her. She loves those toy mice too! Kinley needs her "bangs" trimmed...starting to look like a sheepdog.

I didn't get a picture but Kinley has now chased off a large grizzly bear along with a large black bear. So many bears this summer!!! The grizzly was in our yard Saturday evening...the black bear was in the yard about two weeks ago. I have stopped walking by myself...even with a gun I don't feel comfortable. Kinley comes back to me immediately when I use the command word, "here." So glad we sent her to a trainer for a few weeks last winter. We missed her but it is so awesome when she comes to me immediately with one word!!! I haven't gotten her to leave the kitty toys alone yet...somethings are just too tempting.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

beautiful pets I don't think I would want the kitty on beautiful batiks - but she sure is pretty - same with the dog - glad the bear didn't get him! Love your fabrics so nice!!

Sally said...

OMG! Eli is a beautiful cat....and Kinley is precious. I love the black dotted fabric you used on the breakfast club quilt...can't wait to see it finished.

Suz J said...

Loving how your bloom quilt is coming along. Will be interesting to see how you decided to finish it up. Check out your kitty's ears! They are humungous!

CecileD said...

Oh I remember when you bought this kit in Paducah. ..I can't wait to admire your work because it's an awesome quilt ...
Your animals are so sweet and the photo with Eli in your fabrics sooo funny !