Friday, October 7, 2016

A Day of Rest

Sunny but slightly chilly weather has meant most of my time has been spent outside working on my landscaping projects. I have some pictures of that stuff later in this post.'s a bit more fun to talk about some of my quilting and needle work projects. This was the quilt I was able to take to Breakfast Club last month for show and tell. I love how it turned out but I'm not doing a "final" photo shoot and presentation until I get the binding finished.

Like a typical cat, Eli thinks everything is his. Only 5 months old and his is soooo big. 

Here's a block detail...I threw in a few leaves. This one came out particularly nice.

This was the project I worked on at Breakfast Club...a kit I picked up at a good price on eBay. I had seen this pattern and wanted to tryout this technique of sewing an unattached triangle that is pulled back and stitched down to create a curve. Very simple and a quick one to make. The pattern is, "Mexican Stars," by Southwind Designs. It is going to be fun to quilt! 

I'm trying to get back in the habit of working on my Bucilla projects at night. These bears need a toy train to complete their ornament status.

And I finished the last Santa in the Jim Shore series, Early Morning Santa, with the rooster.

Back to the landscaping progress. I had two more loads of rock delivered since my last post. The one on the right only has about a quarter of the original amount left to move...but I needed big rocks so had to get another load before I was finished with the last load. 

This looks so deceptively small in this photo but I added a rock border to the other side of the house front. I have so many more plans for this area...just don't know if anything else will happen this season.

My all-consuming project has been our fire pit. My husband set the steel ring in a few years ago but really didn't do much else. We were sitting to far away to feel the heat so I made the painful decision to dig out a sunken seating area and line it with rock. I have spent at least two weeks on this project and have gotten enough done to enjoy the area as long as the weather holds.

I've got three other areas in the yard at various stages of progress but not enough to show that is interesting. It certainly keeps me busy and I have definitely toned up more since taking on these jeans are a little looser!


Sally said...

I was going to say I thought your jeans would fit a lot looser after all this landscape work you're doing...I envy your energy!

Donna quilts said...

It's great to be outside working while the sun is shining and the air is cool - because we know what's coming - winter! We got our first snow yesterday and although I'm always excited about the first snowfall and how pretty it looks, I don't think it will last. I love the quilting you've done on the one with Eli posing. And putting leaves in some of the hexagons is brilliant. It's beautiful!

Suzanne said...

Your outside projects are great!

Suz J said...

No, there is just no hope for you... you have become a gardener. At least until the weather changes... love that leaf quilting, it looks spectacular.