Monday, October 17, 2016

Winter is Coming

It surprises me to see it has been ten days since my last day of rest from my landscaping projects. I am pretty much done for the season. The ground is frozen so about all I can do is move rocks.

The big reveal.
Rock slope completed to the shed.
 Flower bed outlined. 
The fire pit is our current favorite spot. 
We've been enjoying it for a little happy hour.

Love that pano setting on my iPhone camera.

My new rock slope looks like a pretty nice place for taking quilt photos...didn't even think of that until today when I wanted to get a quilt photo in some sunlight. I love this quilt. I wasn't sure if the leaves would pop when I was quilting them. I'm very pleased they are prominent.

It took me many months but I did finish a Bucilla kit project. 

I've started playing with the next quilt top that needs to go on the quilting frame. Mr. Eli is always right in whatever project I am tackling. He will be six months old at the end of October. I just scheduled his neutering for next week...sorry big guy.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

yes you haven't been blogging often - love the setting your house is in and the landscaping looks great- love your firepit area! our leaves are first starting to fall on some trees but most are still green - it was 83 today!

CecileD said...

Fall is coming in France with his fog and dampness...but not winter except in mountains where the snow appeared last week !
I love love love your quilt with hexies ! The colors are gorgeous and the quilting awesome ! Congrats Debbie !
Mr Eli is so beautiful !

Calicojoan said...

It all looks fabulous and what a great place to kick back for happy hour! Well worth all your hard work, I'd say! ;-)

Sally said...

I just love the outside did a wonderful job, Debbie. The quilt is outstanding...I might need to make one like it with the batiks I have on hand. And Eli is so handsome...after next week, he will be a Gentleman for life!

Suzanne said...

The landscape project turned out beautifully. Cats seem to sense where they should not be...always. Ha ha.