Sunday, February 26, 2017

February Progress

I may have to rename my current quilt project, "Diligence in the Chugach." I live on the side of a mountain in the Chugach Mountain Range and I had named this quilt, "Chugach Mountain Hike." I have been working "diligently" almost every day for two weeks and I am only about a quarter of the way done quilting this top. In the photo are my three main quilting tools. The quilting ruler is a new purchase from Judi Madsen with Green Fairy Quilts. Her modern take on machine quilting is inspiring and has influenced my quilting designs. Of course there is also a seam ripper...I really like this little green one when I am working on my midarm. And I love my little green, Karen Buckley serrated scissors. I just bought a second pair because one pair was really not enough.

I am also feeling like I am moving at a turtle's pace with the blocks for, "En Provence." 

I did make it to Breakfast Club last week were I worked on the pattern we started in December. Loving the colors. I am using a Bali Pop called, "Splash," along with a few strips added from my stash. There will be a one-inch sash of the dark gray around each block. It takes a bit of time to deal with all those points.

Two little reindeer ornaments from a Bucilla kit are finished...nice to get a little something in the done category.

Still several weeks of winter to enjoy. Today was perfect...sunny and 27 degrees. My ideal winter day...and it seems the dogs agree with me.


Sally said...

Debbie, you are an inspiration to a lot of people. It kinda makes me feel good to hear that others take a long time to get things done - like quilting a quilt, or in my case, piecing a quilt. You go at your own pace!

Donna quilts said...

Looks like your dogs are enjoying the snow. They must be good company for each other - someone to play with!
I like that pattern that your Breakfast Club is doing - what's the name of it? Your version with the bright colors against the dark gray will really look good. Those colors are going to pop.

Lynette said...

Those reindeer are adorable. I especially love the colors in those blocks with the Splash pop! The gray you're using is perfect with them. Cross my fingers, this is the year I can finally get a longarm machine - I'm sure I'll take just as long with my quilts! ;D

Suz J said...

That old saying... good things take time! Especially quilting things, but all the things you are currently working on are good, so I'm sure they will all be worth it. As someone who struggles with small hand sewn items, I am in awe of your reindeer, too cute!

Kathleen said...

Is there a pattern for the Breakfast Club project? It's stunning.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love your dogs playing in the snow - I forgot you had two of them thought you had one!