Sunday, February 12, 2017

February Projects

Having a very playful cat in the sewing room created a big problem whenever I loaded a quilt on the midarm frame. My cat would find the batting hang from the frame to the floor a big play area. I would come back to find the batting completely torn apart. I had seen quilters rig up a pole hanging from their longarm frames to hold rolls of batting. I took that idea and bought a galvanized 1" x 10' metal pipe to hang with "S" hooks from my gardening supplies.  

It did the trick and was an inexpensive solution. I later basted all the layers together and am now ready to start the actual quilting.

Finished up another cross stitch ornament, a Gardening Santa. I am anxious for less winter though I won't be getting my hands into any dirt outside until May.

I have been getting back into the habit of working on my Bucilla kits in the evenings. They really do come together rather quickly when you work on them a little every evening. Most of Santa is complete so it is time to start layering a reindeer into place.

I finally got Bonnie Hunter's specialty ruler in the mail so was able to get to the block construction phase for her En Provence design. I have to make 16 of these blocks. I think this first one took me 45 minutes with all these points to match up. This is the first time I have made one of Bonnie's mysteries and I would definitely say these are for advanced quilters.

Even though I have many of my own quilt designs I should be working on...I really like making designs from other quilters when they have different techniques for me to try. I used the three rulers she recommends and they gave me very accurate components so it is all coming together smoothly...always a bit of stitching and ripping to get those points where you want them.  


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I'm afraid I wouldn't have patience for a pet in the sewing room - I would have them out of the room - but that is me :) your Bonnie Hunter block looks great

Donna quilts said...

What a brilliant idea for holding up the batting on your frame. Although my cats have never ripped the batting, they love to lay on it and then I end up with having to use a lint roller to get rid of the cat hair!