Saturday, June 17, 2017

Recording a Finish

I am not the fastest quilter...but just like the tortoise...I am persistent. (That pile of tops needing to be quilted just never gets smaller.) My favorite moment of quilting is when I tie that last knot when stitching down the binding. I always want to jump up and do a happy dance.

This pattern is "Perfect Ten," by Swirly Girls. So named because you take ten fat quarters and add border fabric. I used a set of Moda batik fat quarters that had aged so long I didn't remember the name of the set but I'm pretty sure they are a Laundry Basket design from long ago. I loved the batiks but because all of the fat quarters are pretty much of a medium value it was tough to figure out what to make with them.


I did blog about this quilt when I pulled it off the quilting frame so I feel like I am just repeating myself...but just in case you missed that post, I'll review a little history. I am thinking of naming it "Practice No. 5," as I pretty much planned to quilt each fabric section differently when I finished piecing the top. It took a few years for the right inspiration to come along but the two new books I bought from Margaret Solomon Gunn with filler techniques was the push I was waiting for on this quilt top. Also, the song, "Mambo No. 5," has been running through my head lately. 

I have been hoping sites for quilt photo shoots would work their way into my new landscaping. I tried a few out today. 

My Clematis trellis is coming along but my new plants are only about 18" tall. Great quilt stand! 

KcKinley and Logan kept walking through my shots (thank goodness for the digital camera age with delete buttons). So...I tried to get them both to pose. Ha! Logan is still too young to stay when I am trying to get him to look at the camera. Kinley is trying to give him some pointers (inside setter joke...pointers) on modeling.

I lost my patience and pulled Logan out of the scene. Kinley was very cooperative. Notice the "WOW" wheel. My son, Zack, who collects the antler sheds, made that for me when he was about 11 or 12 on a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's over spring break.

The "WOW" wheel is also a "MOM" wheel. I love it!

Eli even jacked one of my photo shoots...he was laying on my felt pieces from a Bucilla kit when I came back into the room with my camera.

At least he just laid on them and didn't mess them up at all. 

Questions from my last post:
Since two ladies asked the brand name of the little iron, thought I would mention it is a Clover wedge iron. Also asked by a noreply blogger (check your default settings to change that status) what pattern I was using for the red, white and blue quilt. It is  "Chain Log Cabin," from the book, "Moda All-Stars Scraps Made Simple."


Suz J said...

It is always great to see the final FINISH! And lovely landscaping shots. The dogs are so funny - it looks like they are kissing!

Ramona said...

I just caught up on your blog after being gone for 2 weeks. You've been busy! Gardening, creating outdoor spaces, felt ornaments, cross stitch, quilting and caring for and avoiding animals. :) Everything looks so nice! I made the felt ornaments a few years ago and enjoyed those. It's been a while since I've worked on a Bucilla kit... maybe it's time to pull one out. PS... your quilting on your finished quilt is amazing. Great finish!

Sally said...

As usual, I love everything you've posted today....the dogs remind me so much of my own golden retrievers - minds of their own and unless I have a treat in my hand, they mostly ignore me! I bought the little Clover iron you blogged about - waiting for it to arrive this week.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I was going to ask you about the little iron too and forgot - thanks for mentioning it

CecileD said...

I'm not a "purple girl" but I admit your quilt is sooo beautiful with these colors ! And the quilting awesome as usual....
Love the photos with your pets ans kitten !!

Karen L. said...

I am way late to the game here but wanted to tell you anyway how beautiful this quilt is. I looked up the pattern but yours is so much prettier than the one shown on the cover. I love the whole look of it. Apparently you are good at picking out colors ... which I am not. Love this quilt!