Sunday, February 25, 2018

Immersed in Quilt Projects

Several positive factors have come together in February to put me in a quilting state of mind. 
I am taking B-12 injections three times a week. 
The number of minutes of sunlight is increasing at least five minutes a day. 
Several snow days have kept me playing inside.

But mostly I have been working on quilting in the evenings instead of handwork in front of the television. I rarely spend time in  my studio in the evenings during the dark winter months. But I still have energy after dinner to head to my sewing studio and work on my projects. And I've been really enthused with my recent projects.

I finished piecing my challenge quilt for my Material Girls quilting group.
I am so thrilled with this top. This "inside" photo just doesn't show all the wonderful color in the background fabric but it really was my inspiration for this quilt. The fabric had been aging in my studio for at least 15 years. Hard to believe.

I used all my scraps to make this adorable little quit that is 31-inches square. 

I want to share our leap into new technology. 
We have officially cut our telephone land-line and cable television. We are now completely dependent on the internet. Scary but so easy and we are saving money.

We are using Roku stream sticks to live stream on Hulu and Amazon Prime. This little box replaced three different cables that went between our television set and the cable box. And the biggest item in the Roku box is the little remote control.

One cord to the power outlet and the rest is all generated through our home wireless network. It is magic. I am the technical goddess in our house and now that we don't have teenage boys living at home I was a bit worried about what snags I might run into but was able to install and get it all working in less than 15 minutes.

My husband is a constant channel surfer and he won't be able to do that with this set up as far as I can tell. I'm happy about that! I hardly ever watch TV with him because he is always changing the channel in the middle of what we're watching. He's either avoiding commercials or trying to actively watch two or three shows at once. We still probably won't agree on what to watch so we'll retreat to separate TVs most of the time.  


Suzanne said...

Your February finishes are beautiful. We are also thinking of getting rid of the land line. Thanks for the tech info.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have been interested in this wireless set up for netflix and prime - but hubby refuses to let go of the local network stations which is about all we watch from our direct tv and it sure is not worth the money- you can not just get local networks and we are too far from the stations to have an antenna work we tried it - we just do not watch much. I watch netflix or prime while I quilt and he is usually in a different room watching what he wants. One day maybe I can let him to cut the cord

Ramona said...

Your quilts are gorgeous! Are the centers of the stars a panel? I love the background fabrics with the pops of color. Congrats! on "cutting the cord." Our internet comes through our phone line and the cell signal is pretty weak at my house, but it's absurd what we spend on phone and Direct TV. I could be spending that on quilting! :D

Sally said...

Mr. Wonderful and I have totally different TV watching preferences....that's why we have TV's in 4 different rooms - studio, great room, bedroom and mom's room. That way, everyone can watch what they want. And thank goodness for the DVR!

Suz J said...

It is funny how the weather plays such a huge part in how our crafting is achieved. We have had a really hot and sticky summer, and it has just been too hot to spend much quality time in my sewing shed. Weekends have been good for morning sewing, but after lunch it simply gets too hot, and lasts until well after bedtime! Roll on autumn.