Friday, February 16, 2018

Quilt Retreat Sewing

My quilt retreat last weekend was SEW MUCH FUN!
Three nights and four days of nonstop sewing.

Typical me...I went with the king-sized version of this pattern so it was tough to find a space at the retreat large enough to layout all the blocks. I got the blocks sewn into rows but still have to add sashing between the rows and a piano key border. Not hard but time consuming at this size. 

I absolutely love how the Bali tiles look with a little triangular border around each. I ordered a fat quarter of Hoffman 1895s that matched the center applique designs. 

The quilt pattern is a freebie from the Hoffman website called, "Twinkle
I actually downsized the pattern...that rarely happens! But I plan to do some intensive quilting to enhance the Hawaiian applique look even though it is actually a print and not an actual applique. I'm hoping it makes a great wall hanging to compliment my tropical king-sized quilt!

The construction method led to a collection of mini-half square triangles.
I do love to play with those little triangles.

One idea for blocks.

Another block idea...I liked the spikes...reminded me of flower petals.

Then I tried setting them up as a border...nope...didn't thrill me. But I did think some kind of border that repeated the colors of the blocks would be a good thing.

A row of triangles works! Simple but a bit of a challenge to piece all those triangles. I am using Bonnie Hunter's ruler that allows me to cut the triangles from 2-inch strips with the long edge on the horizontal grain of the fabric and not the bias. 

All those little leftover HSTs are getting made into star blocks. I have a general idea for a layout but waiting until I get the main quilt done to see how much fabric I have left. I bought the background fabric over 10 years ago at a Kauai quilt shop. I have never seen it anywhere else so I know I can't get anymore. Another reason I decided to downsize the quilt design. I would have been cutting it close to make the quilt as originally designed.

I took this quilt to retreat hoping I would hand stitch the binding in the evenings but I just kept machine sewing until I couldn't keep my eyes open. It was definitely a weekend of working with bright colors. I find in the winter months I crave color.

The next quilt retreat is in early May and I need to have my Hawaiian applique quilt done. 
It is good to have a deadline. I have a quilt kit cut and ready to go for that retreat. It was a kit I didn't get to this time. So I am technically ahead in my preparation for the next retreat. Nice!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you have been very busy - love all the fabrics that you have been using - and making a Hawaiian applique quilt too - will love to see the final are you appliqueing by hand or machine for this one I wonder.

Sally said...

I love that quilt you did for the retreat...the first one...what's the name of that pattern, please....I have a ton of batiks and this would be a great way to bust some of the smaller pieces into a quilt. Four patches and larger singles with borders....lovely! Whenever I go on retreats, I find I always take more than I could possibly work on or's my way of not running out of things to do! Like that would ever happen! Must look into another retreat soon - it's been bout 10 years since I've gone on one.

Donna quilts said...

Well you certainly got lots done on your retreat! Your Gimme Diamonds quilt is so colorful and fun. The Twinkle pattern is perfect for showing your Bali tiles. I'm thinking I might add it to my bucket list using Christmas fabrics. I think that adding your block colors to the outside border would really pull it together. I do like the triangles.
I've never gone on a retreat but have always wanted to. The idea of sewing for days with no interruptions sounds wonderful!

Suz J said...

Such a great mix of projects. A mix of quick and easy and more complex always makes it interesting.