Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Getting Back to Quilting

I am getting anxious for winter to end!

I had great success with these bare root plants from Costco when I put in my landscaping at our previous house. I should be able to manage getting a few perennials started for my huge landscaping plans for this summer.

Since I did some traveling earlier this month, I started a set of Americana Santa ornaments from my favorite cross stitch designer, Sandra Cozzolino. Patriotic Santa, Pioneer Santa, and Prairie Santa.

And my Hawaiian Applique quilt is finally loaded on the frame and getting stitched. I am using mono-filament thread. I think it is a Superior Threads product known as Monopoly. It is stitching perfectly so far. I am sew happy! 

I am working with two layers of Hobbs wool and it is working great too. I want a lot of puff in this design without a lot of weight as I expect to only use this quilt as a wall hanging. Previously I have used a layer of 80/20 cotton/poly with a layer of wool and it makes for a heavy quilt.

I'm so anxious to get off the computer and get back on my quilting machine.


Sally said...

Golly, that quilt is getting prettier as you quilt it...isn't that the way of quilts anyway? As it gets closer to completion, it becomes more beautiful! I really must start on one of the Santa ornaments I bought a long time ago. I have the naval ones...being a 30 year veteran (actually, DH is the veteran but I served, too!) the naval ones are close to my heart.

Thanks for sharing.

Suz J said...

Love how the quilting is progressing... can fully understand the need to get back to it!