Sunday, March 18, 2018

March Happenings

We made a quick trip to Montgomery, Alabama, to see our son, Zack, get commissioned in the Air Force. He got to come back to Alaska for about 10 days before making his way to Texas where he will be at Sheppard Air Force Base for Undergraduate Pilot Training. He has a pilot slot with a California Air National Guard unit in Fresno where they fly F-15s. It will be some time before he gets through all training  programs.

I did look on the internet to see if there were any quilt shops in the Montgomery area but nothing looked like a place I would be interested in since I am strictly a batik quilter.

Breakfast Club is on Thursday so I have been a busy little sewer trying to use up the 480 HSTs I got from the Christmas themed quilt I made from the mystery quilt the group did in December.

I ordered more of the background fabric in December, anticipating some kind of design with these mini HSTs. I looked for months on Pinterest for an idea. I finally saw a star design that I enhanced by adding an outer ring of blocks to echo the star. I love it! It is 39-inches square so a nice little size for a wall hanging. 

I haven't gotten very far on my "Wring" cleaning. 
Hoping I get re-energized to finish it by the end of March.


Suzanne said...

It will be a beautiful Wall Hanging. Congrats to your son and thank you for his Service.

Ramona said...

Congrats! on your son being commissioned. And, yes, thank you (and him) for his service. I love your star quilt with the HST's. What a great idea for the left over pieces!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

this kind of looks like the Broken Lone Star pattern to me have fun with it.
My son in law was stationed at Sheppard back some time ago and I was over there a lot the 3 years the kids lived there - I really liked that they were stationed there as it was only a 6 hour drive for me - they left when son in law got out of the AF 10 years ago and have been in WI ever since. They didn't mind Sheppard too much but the wind! god it seemed like it was windy every day I visited and the summer was near a 100 almost every day

CecileD said...

Congratulations for your son !! And you certainly are proud parents !
I love a lot your star ! Gorgeous !
What a beautiful idea !

Sally said...

That wall hanging is absolutely beautiful! I'm particularly fond of 'mini's...and these HSTs fit the bill. With 30 years of military service, we are certainly pro-military so congratulations to your son and to you!