Saturday, June 23, 2018

Rain = Computer Time

The front of my house definitely looks like a construction zone. My enormous pile of fractured granite rock is dwindling. I have several sorting piles for rock sizes...kind of like sorting through fabric scraps and looking for that perfect sized piece. 

I've finished setting the rock on the side of the house. Below is a "before" photo from last September. The cinder block foundation has insulation that is showing quite a bit as the siding seems a little short in this area. This eye sore has been bugging me for years.

I am very pleased with the outcome. I love using metal tubs in my landscaping...time to try some metal trash cans. I found plastic pots that fit perfectly on the rim of the trash cans. And I was able to connect to the gravel walkway from the front of the house to the side and eventually to the garden.

Next garden season I am going to try and grow potatoes in these garbage cans. I'll line them with black plastic. This corner of the yard gets 12-plus hours of sunlight in the summer. I just did some purple fountain grass for this year. I'm not sure what I will grow in the tubs on either side of the trash can trio. 

I am so close to getting my blue berries planted. I bought 12 blueberry bushes and three currants yesterday. I will need to fill the planting beds with soil...which I have...just need to get it in place. Fingers crossed the rain will dissipate so I can get them planted tomorrow. 

I have to share a photo of my favorite perennial, the Himalayan Blue Poppy. It is such a distinctive blue color. I bought two more of these plants since the one I planted last summer made it through our winter.

I treated myself to the latest design of Santa ornaments from the cross stitch designer, Sandra Cozzolino. I often find great cross stitch kits from a needlework shop in Oklahoma that always has a booth at the Houston Quilt Show. My package arrived wrapped in very pretty paper...just like it was my birthday.

Inside were the three kits I ordered and a free pattern with two little Jelly Bellies. Yum! It was just so fun to have a little surprise with my order. 

I should attend to some house cleaning but somehow I think the sewing machine will be my next work station.


Sally said...

Your landscaping is really coming pretty! I had not seen a Himalayan Blue Poppy before - it's quite stunning! I wonder if they grow where we are here in southwest Missouri...must research that.

For the first time in almost a year, I put the sewing machine into service this morning....working on a project - not anwhere near finished yet.

Suz J said...

Wow - your gardening adventures are so epic! Perhaps you could grow herbs in the wider tubs next to the potato ones. I've not tried growing potatoes in tubs like that - but it should work just fine.