Sunday, June 17, 2018

Rain Delay...Return to Quilting

I was making great progress on my landscaping project but we are stuck in rainy weather pattern.
Good thing I have a backup plan...

I am going to load this quilt top I made in 2015 onto my quilting frame.

I hadn't touched my sewing machine since May 24th, Breakfast Club day, but two days ago I started working on the blocks from that project. I see a "radioactive" sign when I look at these blocks...I don't know that I like that association. I will make a great throw quilt for my leather couch.

I also finished putting together the leftover scrappy mini HSTs from two quilt projects. I am planning to continue making miscellaneous blocks from my fabric scraps to improvisational piece!

I don't think I shared a picture of my latest stocking. This is "Santa Paws." I am working on the companion dog ornaments. The ink on the white felt pieces was horribly smeared so I had to make new white felt pieces. It slowed me down a little bit. Had the same problem with the ornament kit. I'm glad there is only one white dog!

And finally...a moose picture. Just happened to see this big fellow one morning last week.

It looks like Blogger has changed the "comment" procedure of forwarding them to my email so I can respond. Just want to thank those who leave me comments. As to Donna's comment about fencing to keep the bears out of my future berry patch...I decided not to even try and fence out bears. I think an electric fence would be required. I am hoping they leave my berries alone but there could be some bear drama in my future!

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Sally said...

Well, as usual, I'm loving those quilt hoping to get to one of mine this weekend....will see if the Universe has other plans for me.