Sunday, October 7, 2018

Last 2018 Landscape Post....I Think

We had one of the warmest Septembers on record in our part of the world. I have been in heaven. Fall is my favorite season. I have no idea why I love fall since it means winter is coming...cold and darkness. But usually it only seems to last two weeks and I am always frustrated when it ends. This year I'm feeling tired (a good tired) and ready to move onto "indoor" projects.

I did not expect to tackle this little area along our driveway until next summer but with the gorgeous weather the first week of September, I went for it. The ground around theses trees doesn't get much sunlight and I just didn't have a good solution for plant matter to fill it. I like the rocks. This is one side of our septic drain field so I couldn't change the topography except to add to it. It will work well with winter snow plowing.

And my handsome dog Logan...who follows me everywhere.

And then I still had a huge pile of gravel in front of my house to contend with before freezing temperatures. So I bought some landscape edging and started tackling another project I didn't expect to start until next summer...

I plan to add this black plastic edging back-filled with gravel around all the rock work in our yard. I got a little start this year. 

I also used the gravel to create an extra-deep parking area at our front door. It will be a good place for some big pots with flowers in the summer.

Another view of my garden on the side of the house.

In the evenings I've been pecking away at a simple Bucilla stocking kit, Nordic Snowman. It came with an ornament. So cute. Nothing too complicated which is exactly what I needed to wind down at the end of the day. 

It will be nice to get back into my studio...but not so yard isn't winterized yet. All of my flower pots are still looking great and I have veggies still growing in my garden. Such a wonderfully odd bit of weather we are having. One morning I will wake up to frost and have to get into a frenzy of cleaning up the yard.


Sally said...

The landscaping projects sure are coming along...your home is a showpiece! And, of course, the stocking kit is darling...thanks for sharing with us.

Ramona said...

You have been very productive this year with your landscaping and it looks great! The new stocking and ornament are adorable. I haven’t seen that kit.

Donna quilts said...

No wonder I haven't seen a quilting post on your blog recently - you've been so busy outside! What a treat to get a warm September to get your yard projects completed. Your Nordic Snowman is adorable!

Suz J said...

You must have muscles like The Hulk! So much work. And just a simple stocking... more complicated than I would ever attempt!