Monday, January 21, 2019

Winning the Bobbin Race

The quilting is done on Batiki Argyle II.
 The photo above has low lighting to show the shadows of the quilting. 
Below, the lights are on and you can see the vibrant colors in the quilt. 

I planned from the start to make a quilt to throw over my gray leather couch at Christmas time. I'll have to look through my blog to see how many years ago I started this one.

For some reason, Sunday is binding day in my world. It was so sweet to change my bobbin for the next project and see how close I came to running out of thread when sewing on the binding. 

Now onto the hand sewing part of the binding. 
Breakfast Club is on Thursday so I will have it done by then.

I didn't do quilting resolutions for the New Year but I did make a list of projects to tackle for the month of January and broke that down into a weekly list. It is always easier to stay on track and tackle a UFO or two at the beginning of a new year so my second UFO of the year is one I started last February. 

But first I had to get someone out of the way...
Eli had to sit on top of an area I had pinned last night. He even pulled out a couple of straight pins. That is freaky! I spend too much time at vets with my animals...all I need is to explain my cat is swallowing straight pins! But I'm confident he just played with the pins.

This is a king-sized quilt that I do plan to use on my bed in the summer. I still have to make a piano key border. The pattern is, "Gimmie Diamonds," by Four Paws Quilting. It is designed for fat quarters with directions for five sizes. I really like the pattern and could see it looking great with many of the wildlife fat quarters I've got in my stash.

Last week I took down some of my Bucilla Christmas items. I hate putting them away but I also wanted to get to work adding a lining to some of them. I belong to two Bucilla Facebook groups and have learned of a pretty quick and easy way to add a lining to stockings that are already completed so I think it is worth the extra work to spiff up my existing stockings.

New Bucilla projects are always a part of my evenings...but this time it is actually a Bucilla UFO. I "started" a Noah's Ark ornament kit with 50 animals about five years ago. I didn't even finish one animal when I put it away to open another kit. 

Three weeks into a new year and I'm feeling very proud of my progress.
 Of course it has been very cold and dark outside so I am staying inside most of the day...

 and my house keeping duties might have been neglected a little.


Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

What gorgeous quilts!! You have a wonderful collection of Bucilla projects done!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I am always neglecting housework lately! glad the cat didn't swallow the needles that is one reason if I had pets they wouldn't be allowed in the sewing room - kind of like unsupervised children! Heard too many horror stories

Sally said...

As usual, I am gobsmacked by your quilting prowess! Batik Argyle is just spectacular! I love, love, love, those sheep ornaments in your kit! Too bad they don't make individual kits...I collect sheep and one of those would be perfect for my collection.

Suz J said...

My cats used to pull the pins out of my pincushions too... they can be such magpies, but I did worry they would choke on them! Whoop on that quilting finish... your projects are all looking amazing.

Ramona said...

Your quilting is beautiful. Love your new quilt for your bed, too. Noah’s Ark animal ornaments?!? I’m going to look for that kit! How fun! Your stack of stockings is impressive. How many have you made?

Molly Kumar said...

This is such a gorgeous quilt and that cat is so cute :)