Monday, November 7, 2011

Moody Monday

Warning - Grumpy Blogger

Not enough sewing happening in my house duties are overwhelming me.

Lighting is pretty important...especially in my far north location. It has consumed me for a month. I'm almost there.

It has been snowing like crazy the last week and most especially...this weekend. So add lots of time clearing snow into the equation. It is beautiful, fluffy snow. It's mostly a good thing. Jenny and Tonka think it's the best! They want me to be done picking out lights too, I'm a little distracted on our walks.

It dawned on me that I've had several stockings in the "almost done" category for several years. Here is my only quilting goal this week. Get one stocking done.

First up is to finish the the hand quilting on the front and back pieces. A cute little bear sits inside the top ballet slipper. 


CJ said...

Your stocking is fabulous, I love the creativity of it!

Lynette said...

Eagle River, Alaska - yep! That's far north. :D I remember having lighting issues just in Maryland - I imagine I'd have a far worse time in Alaska. And that's going to be a gorgeous ballet stocking.

Denise :) said...

I understand about lighting. Our RV tends to be on the dark side, and it really bothers me, especially in the back bunk room, where I sew. I have lots of additional 'light' support going on back there! I looked for a follower's button, but couldn't find one, so I just added you to my blog roll. Your stocking is quite darling! :)

sue said...

Wow, that is some stocking!!

AnnieO said...

Too many choices are as bad as no choices at all! Hope you've made your best decision and stuck with it :)

Cute stocking!

Sand and Sunshine said...

This stocking is darling. Good thing my daughter isn't around to drool over it.